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An author of books for very young children is named Patrick Yi, I believe.
MoonAgeDaydreamer  12/14/2008
I wouldn't say that 怡 ("joy, harmony") is usually only feminine. I have a close male friend with this character in his name, and trust me, his parents aren't the type to give their son a girl name. :)
CamilleTheGreat  8/17/2010
Pronounced 'ee'. Can also mean 'one'.
Lanthansparrow  7/23/2011
Yi Suchong, a male character in the game "Bioshock."
― Anonymous User  9/29/2013
So short for a name, Americans would be confused with the pronunciation... probably very common name/surname in China.
firestar11  12/11/2015
Yi is a genus of scansoriopterygid dinosaurs from the Late Jurassic of China. Its full name is Yi qi, and bears the distinction of the shortest scientific name for a dinosaur.
Buneary  3/31/2018

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