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I think this name sounds very warm and loving, and a good name for a kind person.
-Julia-  7/23/2009
This name is so pretty sounding and makes me think of a princess for some reason. ^^
― Anonymous User  7/5/2014
Yuliana Peniche is a Mexican actress. Peniche was born in Mexico City on August 29, 1981. She has participated in various soap operas; she started when she was a little girl in Madres Egoistas (1991) as Carmen. Then she starred in Alondra, Maria la del Barrio, Salome, Niña Amada Mía, Velo de novia II, and in 2005 in the TV series "Bajo el mismo techo" sharing credits with Laura Flores, Imanol Landeta, and Jose Elias Moreno. In 2007 she starred in Destilando Amor as Margarita.
cutenose  2/27/2017
Also Armenian usage.
Sofia  5/30/2017
It's very pretty. I like Yulia and Anna, but this name is very nice. It sounds exotic, classic, and beautiful.
XironDarkstar  11/21/2017

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