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Isn't it the Arabic equivalent of Jonas, and doesn't its usage in Turkish come from Arabic? [noted -ed]
adammathias  1/14/2006
Yunus is also the Turkish word for "dolphin". I'm not sure whether this usage is derived from the given name or just a coincidence.
bananarama  5/22/2010
Yunus is also used in Chechnya (a traditionally Islamic country) as a first name for men. Since Chechnya is forced to follow the Russian naming system, it is also found as a middle name in the form of a patronymic, namely Yunusovich.
Lucille  4/10/2011
Yunus is a very beautiful and handsome Arabic name. One of my fave Arabic male names. ^_^
― Anonymous User  6/10/2015
The proper pronunciation of this Arabic name is YOO-nus.
― Anonymous User  6/10/2015

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