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My Japanese friend has this name, people laugh at that name almost whenever it was first said (it was like saying 'YOU-DIE' to that poor person.) But lucky as time had passed, people got used to it and didn't bother to laugh at it anymore.
RaelMayar  3/31/2007
I named my son YU'UDAI. I added an apostrophe (') because I did not like the sound of the original name (YOU-DIE), but loved the meaning and the spelling. So this is MY interpretation of the name, YOU-EW-DAY. Many people ask me if it is of African origin. Many people have tried to correct the pronunciation, saying I have spelled it wrong based on what they hear.
I just hope that I haven't offended anyone by changing the pronunciation because I do love his name very much.
Astrod  8/14/2016
Yudai Ono is a Japanese professional baseball pitcher for the Chunichi Dragons in Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball.
lilolaf  3/1/2017
Yudai Nitta is a Japanese track cyclist. At the 2012 Summer Olympics, he competed in the Men's team sprint for the national team. He is also active in Japan as a keirin cyclist.
lilolaf  3/1/2017
Yudai Inoue is a Japanese football player currently playing for FC Machida Zelvia in the J2 League.
lilolaf  3/1/2017
Yūdai Yamaguchi is a Japanese film director who has worked mainly in the comedy and horror genres. He has "made a name for himself by mixing goofy gore with manga-esque escapades and plain utter weirdness".
lilolaf  3/1/2017
Yudai Kawai is a retired professional Japanese baseball player. He played pitcher for the Chunichi Dragons.

Kawai announced his retirement on the 23rd of September 2016, and played his final game for the Dragons against the Hanshin Tigers at Nagoya Dome pitching 5 straight deliveries in a row to retire the pinch hitting Shunsuke Fujikawa.
lilolaf  3/1/2017
Yudai Konishi is a Japanese football player. He plays for Gamba Osaka.
lilolaf  3/1/2017
The kanji 雄大, is also commonly read as Yuuta as well. [noted -ed]
cutenose  6/25/2017
Yudai Deguchi is a former baseball player from Japan. Yudai Deguchi played in the Pacific League for the Fukuoka Daiei Hawks.
cutenose  7/5/2017

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