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The name Yvette was given to 147 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/13/2016
My name is Yvette and I've had lots of problems in my childhood because of my name. Kids were laughing at me that I am weird and they never pronounced it correctly. My mother's name is Yvetta and it doesn't even exist :D I was kind of angry at her, but now I am very proud of my name as a strong woman and thankful to my mom for this name, even if I have to spell it every time in Starbucks :D Once they wrote my name as "Wet" and it wasn't really nice feeling, but whatever. I love my name because it is unusual and "exotic" in my country. Only one sad thing always was - that I've never had a name day actually :/
I am Yvette and I am happy for it. :)
Yv_ett  2/15/2016
Like so many people on here I hated my name as a child. Nobody knew how to spell it, you could never buy anything with your name on, other kids thought it was weird, adults always commented to say it was different. The thing I find bizzare is on reading all your comments there is a commenter above that says their mother was named Yvette but nicknamed Betsy as a child as nobody could pronounce her name. I too had the same nickname within my family. I often get asked "Why Betsy?" but I have no idea how Yvette was turned into Betsy. As an adult I have grown to appreciate my name. I like that it isn't common, the way it looks on paper and how it sounds.
Vetty  11/15/2015
I love this name! It's so pretty, and very unusual to see a y name, let alone next to a V.
SH2237  6/22/2015
British TV presenter Yvette Fielding is a famous bearer of this name.
amanda82  9/22/2014
My mother's name. My grandmother is French and named mom after a cousin. It means yew branch or archer, or little ivy depending on what book you look in. My grandparent's book says little ivy. Pronounced Evette. So many people say it wrong. Mom was called Betsy when she was in kindergarten because none of her classmates could say Yvette. She's been called Ah vet, Yuh vet, E veet. My niece was given Yvette as her middle name.
Songofecho  9/20/2014
Old fashioned. Plenty of Yvettes, in France, but ours are rather old, most of the time.
luxsword  4/28/2014
Yvette was the French maid from the movie "Clue".
IronClocks  3/3/2014
Yvette is a nice name, pretty and something I'd consider as a middle name.
Bajafresh  1/17/2014
The name Yvette was given to 152 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/17/2013
Yvette is cool - it has a quirky charm and would make a great middle name for less uncommon names. It would go especially well with first names ending in -a or -ia.
― Anonymous User  1/27/2013
Yvette is a cute name for a little girl :)
Kinola  3/24/2012
I bet people who try to read this name from text butcher the pronunciation. Not very pretty. Makes me think of a computer app for dog lovers.
JW41926  3/31/2011
In the movie Interview with a Vampire the maid's name is Yvette. She is played by Thandie Newton.
Antique_Cherub  11/17/2009
Prominent British politician Yvette Cooper (b. 1969). She is married to another Cabinet member with the unfortunate surname Balls.
Jonquil  6/5/2009
My name is Yvette and it is so unusal I have only ever heard of it a few times. It was really strange to see so many people saying 'my name is Yvette'. I hated my name as I grew up with people never being able to spell it, I hated being called Eve, and the jokes about 'the vets' but I like it now, and wouldn't want to be called anything else.
yvettephilpott  3/9/2008
Yvette Stevens is the real name of Chaka Khan, the singer. Also I don't see how the name Yvette is so weird.
― Anonymous User  7/18/2007
I am an Yvette and I love my name. Always have. It's not a name you can easily spray paint on a wall and get away with announcing "Yvette was here" for then they are sure to know who EXACTLY put it there. LOL!

My family is French Canadian and both my sister and I have unusual names (she's a Monique). At my job I must answer the phone and I have learned that it is better to state the name of the company I work for abd then say "Yvette speaking" rather than "This is Yvette". I have found that most people will understand it better if I say my name at the beginning of the sentence telling them who it is that they are speaking to. Sometimes they will ask me to repeat my name and then tell me how "pretty" it sounds.

As a funny side note I have mistakingly been called: Beth, Redd, Yvonne, Lynette, MeVette, Eve, Eva, Evonna, and even Corvette. When I wear my name tag at work, I catch people looking at it strangly and then often times they comment "Is that your name?" or if they have never "seen" it before they will say, "Is that REALLY your name?" All in all it is a great name and I have enjoyed being "the only Yvette" that most people know. :)
paintgirl  3/7/2007
On Clue (the movie) Yvette was the maid.
Taydbug112  1/8/2007
Yvette is the twin of Yvonne.
― Anonymous User  9/23/2006
The famous bearer is Yvetta Blanarovičová.
Maggie_Simpson  9/4/2006
Yvette is a unique, French name. It is interesting.
Emma McHnery  9/3/2006
This name is both masculine and feminine. It is short and rapid fire, ending quickly after it's said, kind of hard and harsh sounding. Yet it is so feminine! I feel it starts off voluptuous and ends in a bang. So it's interesting. It's a name that people say they like, but they will laugh at you if you tell them to name their child Yvette. It's not trendy at all! People also always comment about an Yvette they knew (and very often didn't like!) I think this name is sort of bitchy, but I love it. A girl with high standards who knows her value!
.yvette.  8/21/2006
My name is Yvette. Growing up, I hated my name. No one ever knew how to spell it and most people had never heard of it, although I was never teased about my name. However now that I am an adult, I love my name and would not like to be called anything else. I loved visiting France where many people told me it was once very popular and yes, they knew how to spell it.
― Anonymous User  5/8/2006
I'd like to note that the name Ivette (or its version Ivette) written in the Bulgarian calendar in the site as Ivet does not have a nameday on 7th January in Bulgaria. Even in Bulgaria the name Yvette (Ivette) does not have a nameday. One of the 2 Iva's namedays in Bulgaria is on 7th January (the day of St John the Baptist).
iva_toneva  1/14/2006

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