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I read a story about a couple who lived in the country who were looking in a book for a name for their daughter. "Yvonne," with which they were unfamiliar, struck their fancy. They pronounced it "Wie-VON-ee"!
Kosta  6/6/2006
I also heard of the girl whose name was pronounced "wie-von-ee." Supposedly this was a real person where I grew up (Illinois). I have often heard this name pronounced "ya-vawn."
gigibee  7/26/2006
Listen to the German pronunciation of Yvonne here:
_satu_  9/3/2006
Can be pronounced "YA-vawn", "Eh-vawn", or "Ee-vawn". The last two are more typical as the French pronunciation, "EE-vawn" probably more so.
avalah  2/19/2008
A less common pronunciation has the Y as a consonant instead of a vowel, with a slight schwa sound between the Y and the V, and the heaviest emphasis is on the last syllable, pronounced "on". I know of only one case so far where Yvonne is pronounced like this, and it's my best friend's middle name.
Aloicious  3/11/2012
The pronunciation I have usually heard is "ee-VAHN" (about like the Russian pronunciation of "IVAN". See also my comment for that name.)
Kosta  12/27/2013
This is my sister's name, the way we pronounced the 'Y' isn't in the key, We pronounced it "Yuh-Vahn".
Stephen1976  1/10/2014

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