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I found out this name is possibly a variant of Zara meaning "Princess" in Arabic and "the brightness of dawn" in Hebrew. It is pronounced zah-EE-rah, or Anglicized ZAIR-ah (rhymes w/ Sara). I personally really like this name and think find it an attractive name for a beautiful young woman.
Kirstie294  8/21/2006
I'm living with a woman named Zaira right now. And according to an Arabic friend of hers Zaira means rose, and it is also the name of a prophet.
hanejay  10/7/2006
Zaira is a city in Italo Calvino's 'Invisible Cities', which is found in the section of 'cities and memory'. It is observed that a description of the city as it is 'today' should contain all of its history, which is written in every feature of the city, from the gratings of the windows to the lightning rods.
UbiquitousUnicycle  7/12/2008
Pronouced "ZY-rah".
Emilie007  9/22/2008
Meaning: Brilliant, luminous. Of Arabic Origin.
Variant: Zajra.
Characteristics: She is very demanding, and responsible.
Usually sets difficult goals to achieve, since she knows that challenges show the best of her.
xxvannexx  3/18/2009
Zaira is an Italian opera based on one of Voltaire's writings. It is about a Christian woman named Zaira. She falls in love with the Muslim Sultan of Jerusalem, Orosmane.
bananarama  12/27/2009
Could be related to the word "zayer" which means "visitor" in Arabic.
Zinha  7/2/2010
The Italian pronunciation is dzah-EE-rah.
In fact it is also an Italian name, rather fashionable in the second half of the 19th century, not common nowadays. [noted -ed]
presentperfect  11/11/2010
In Brazil this name is pronounced "zy-ee-da" and is known to be of Arabic origin.
― Anonymous User  4/24/2014
Means ‘pilgrim’ in Arabic and Persian. Female: Zaira male: Zair pilgrims: Zaireen. Derived from the word Ziarat which means ‘pilgrimage’.
Zaira  12/12/2017

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