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The common familiar form of this name is Zbyszek, pronounced ZBY-shek.
angolmois  6/22/2007
Probably the most famous Zbigniew outside of Poland is Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was the National Security advisor to the US president Jimmy Carter in the 1970's.
angolmois  6/22/2007
Zbigniew Zamachowski, Polish actor known for his role in Krzysztof Kieślowski's "Three Colours White".
CicconeYouth  1/26/2008
Zbyněk and Zbyšek are Czech forms of Zbigniew.
MaggieSimpson  3/9/2009
This is my dad's name! People call him Biniu. :)
galina  7/30/2009
Other less common forms of this name (other than Zbyszek) are: Zbyszko [ZBY-shkoh] (medieval sounding, because it ends in -ko), Zbych [ZBYH] and Zbychu [ZBY-who].
angolmois  11/4/2009
Don't forget the writer Zbigniew Herbert!

'Tis kind of a strange name, but I think I might need to use it in a story or novel of some sort... hmmm.
― Anonymous User  7/26/2010
Zbigniew Cybulski (Kniaze, 3 November 1927 - Wroclaw, 8 January 1967) was a Polish screen actor. He played rebel, non-conformist men, being dubbed 'The Polish James Dean'.
alberto  12/2/2015
I have a friend with this name but we call him Zbyszek, very interesting character, so the name suits him so well.
ynotlol  3/10/2016

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