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I feel that Zechariah can also be a feminine name because many African American people have named their daughters so, and when I am older I plan to do so as well. Some alternate spellings of the name are Zacharia, Zecharia, Zachariah, and some that are close are Ziacharia, Zaichariah and so forth. It's a unisex name.
― Anonymous User  12/29/2004
Even if you "feel" so, it can't be feminine. It can't be misspellt either. Well of course it can, but then you look uneducated, ghetto and trashy. Sorry, but seeing such a meaningful name butchered in order to be "cute" is annoying...
Miss Claire  5/14/2005
No matter what, this is NOT a unisex name! It's trashy to use it as a feminine name. Zechariah in the Bible was a man. Notice, he was the FATHER of John the Baptist. He was not the mother. I don't care that some African Americans use this as a feminine name. I think that's wrong, too. If a girl had this name, they would definitely be made fun of. You've got to think about the kid's feelings, too. Misspelling it is also terrible. It's not like you can spell any word the way you want to. I feel the same way about names, especially Biblical names. No matter what anybody says and does and feels, it's not unisex and should not be spelled wrong! Making it unisex and spelling it wrong is horrific, and it's not thinking of a girl's best interest. I despise it when people change names like that. And, just for the record, I think this is a great masculine name!
― Anonymous User  6/24/2005
I see no issue with the name Zechariah, or any derivative therefrom, being used in a feminine form. It is no more "ghetto" or "trashy" than Frences as a female derivative of Francis. There is clearly "trashy" prejudice being shown, and it is exceedingly distasteful.

FOR THE RECORD, I lived in Kenya for three years, and there ARE feminine forms of ALL male biblical names in use. And it is far more traditional (some of these people are nearing a hundred years old) than one might expect.

In the case of THIS name, I took a particular interest when there, because my eldest son bears the name. In Kenya, he was referred to by our house staff as "Zecharia" (pron: "ze-CAR-re-ah" or "ze-ca-RE-ah" depending on tribal origin of the speaker).
Peri  9/26/2005
I'm surprised by the shock some people have expressed here about male names being used for females. It's a steady trend. Why should "Zechariah" be special in any way? Even if you "feel" it's a holy name, it's not going to be used in that way. Personally, I'm sick of the Biblical name trends that are sweeping America. Please give your kid a normal name - not some old name randomly chosen from a "holy" text.
― Anonymous User  11/27/2005
So, John, Luke, Jonathan, Andrew, Aaron, Thomas, Mark, and Matthew aren't normal?

I agree with Miss Claire and Andrew JKD. It is masculine.
Mithos514  4/8/2006
As someone with a masculine name, I have no objection to using male names for females if the name is chosen with care. (Lindsay? Ashley? Those were not originally female names) It's not something new, and there are feminine forms of male names also-including those names that appear in the Bible and other scripture (Josephine, Ivana, Petra). Zach is rather an uncommon name, but if a decent variation of the name can be found, why not?
― Anonymous User  4/18/2006
There IS a difference between feminine FORMS of male names, and male names used on females. For instance, Lucy is a feminine form of Luke, and that is perfectly acceptable. However, naming your daughter Luke would be horrific. (And that is just one of many examples.)
― Anonymous User  8/10/2006
The fact that giving girls masculine names is a steady trend does not make it right. I think it is appalling! And changing the spelling to "make it more feminine" is just plain silly.

In this case, I think that Zechariah should be left as it is, and used only for boys.
― Anonymous User  7/12/2006
I adore this strong biblical name (and vastly prefer it over the its Greek form, Zacharias). One could use Zeke as a cute moniker.
― Anonymous User  9/4/2006
I think this is a very good name, it's a masculine name and is not a feminine name and should not be misspelled. Oh ya and by the way my name is Zachery and I think it would be messed up to name your little girl Zechariah, Zack, or Zach, so all you weird people out there that would ever consider nnaming your kid that keep this comment in mind.
test994  2/25/2007
I prefer the “misspelling” of the name, Zacariah. For a boy. But you have to admit, there is a feminine quality about the name.
Mitzi  4/14/2007
I understand that people are perhaps a bit uncomfortable with using Zachariah and it's variants as a feminine name, but I think that using the descriptive words "trashy" and "ghetto" when is used as a girl's name is a bit uncalled for. And I agree with other comments about how trends change - For example, did you know that the names Tiffany and Kimberly used to be masculine names? Nowadays it would seem ridiculous to call a boy these names as our society as thoroughly feminized them. Times change, people. It happens.
Star Sister  8/7/2007
Zechariah is a BOYS name. End of story.
― Anonymous User  8/21/2007
I don't think you should call someone "ghetto" or "trashy" for using Zechariah as a girl's name and I don't think it's world-ending terrible for it to be spelled differently than it was originally. (Although some variant spellings of names are a little ridiculous).

But personally, I think it's fine spelled as is and sounds pretty masculine, not feminine. That's just my opinion.
katydid09  7/2/2008
I like this name, it's much nicer than Zachery, and he can still be called Zech (Zach).

To put my two cents in the the feminine usage debate: Do not name your daughter this. It is sexist. All you will do is teach her that feminine is bad, masculine is good. Do you really want your daughter to grow up thinking that?
MoonAgeDaydreamer  6/28/2009
Pronounced zeh-car-ee-ah in Hebrew.
― Anonymous User  10/25/2009
I get the impression that Zechariah was the firstborn in his family. The name comes from the same root word as the word "zakar," which means "male." Since every firstborn male in Israel is to be dedicated to the Lord, it would make sense that parents would name their son something that denotes that commandment--that reminds them of their dedication, and of the fact that God remembers their dedication as well.
That's one of the beautiful things about the Hebrew language. It has layer after layer of richness.
Atarah Derek  1/31/2010
The Greek for Zechariah is as follows:
Deborah Reyes  4/2/2010
I personally think every one is freaking out too much about it being used as a girls name. I think boys names for girls are kinda nice~ it's original. (How many girls do you know with actual boy names, like Luke, or Jason, or Matthew? It's unique to have an actual boy name)
It's not trashy or ghetto, it's original. I'd rather have a boys name like this, than Brittney, or Kelsie, which are 2 VERY overused girl names.
― Anonymous User  4/9/2010
Of all the names to have a gender confusion. Lol.

I prefer Zachariah because of Zach, Zech would be a weird name.
FlakyMatt  7/2/2011
The Turkish form of this name is Zekeriya. [noted -ed]
Shibbeh  10/6/2014
I dislike this name. I much prefer Zachariah.
― Anonymous User  10/7/2016
The name Zechariah was given to 322 boys born in the US in 2016.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2017

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