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That's a pretty cool name.
7up  2/5/2007
A famous bearer of the name is Zhanna Bichevskaya, a famous Russian Cossack singer.
SuomiRuotsi  6/9/2007
Slovene form is Žana, and Žan is only masculine form of it.
― Anonymous User  11/21/2007
My mom's friend adopted a little girl from Kazakhstan named Zhanna. She's about eleven years old now, and she likes her name. The only thing is she thinks it is a little hard for people to pronounce or spell when meeting her, but after the first time, they don't ever forget. It sounds a little different and exotic, but not too weird-sounding. I think it's a good name.
― Anonymous User  7/7/2010
This is the Russian equivalent to Joanne.
Jogitta  2/19/2011
I think it's a wonderful Russian name. It's not difficult for people who aren't familiar with the language to pronounce. I like it and it's growing on me more each day.
GibsonGirl  8/20/2011
Zhanna Nemtsova, the oldest daughter of the Russian politician Boris Nemtsov.
elbowin  7/17/2015
This is such a pretty name! I love the spelling and the pronunciation!
thezenithofnadir  5/7/2017
The first syllable of the name is identical to my last name. Since my friends and other can’t seem to pronounce my last name the right way, I think they will mispronounce this name as well.
XYKLONE  3/5/2018

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