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I love this. It could be used for boys or girls. It's works good for all ages.
― Anonymous User  7/13/2015
I know that this name is really unisex, but I actually think of it as the masculine spelling due to a (female) Russian cousin of mine who spells it as Jhenya but once knew a Russian boy with the same name who spelt it as Zhenya. (The two names were pronounced the same, incidentally.)

Anyway, regarding the name itself - I like the way this name sounds, and it's interesting because, even though it's a diminutive, it sounds (to my American ears) like it could actually be the full form of a name in its own right. Although, if it WERE used as a full name, it would sound odd for a male to have the name as such. It makes complete sense if used the correct Russian way, though.
Pippin  4/5/2011
This name's so pretty!
xKatiex  10/14/2006
You list "Zhenya" as being the pet form of the Russian name Yevgeniya (the Russian form of Eugenia), but like Sasha and Shura it's a unisex nickname that's also used for Yevgeniy. [noted -ed]
mysticowl  6/20/2006
My name is Zhenya and its not only a female name... In fact, most Zhenyas that I know are guys. It is a very popular Russian name for both females and males.
Evgeni  3/19/2005

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