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The name Ziba also means rare. That is the most used meaning on the name.
TrunkZy  12/30/2004
A male Angel had the name Ziba.
ziba  12/30/2006
It has a origin in Hebrew and Aramaic as well.
ziba  12/30/2006
Pronounced Z-eye-bah.
ziba  12/30/2006
It's not Z-eye-bah, but zee-bah

Listen here:
ADT  5/25/2008
According to Wiktionary, Ziba is written ÒیÈÇ in Persian.
― Anonymous User  1/6/2010
I apologise, the Persian letters didn't come out right. But you can see how Ziba is written here:
― Anonymous User  1/6/2010
Ziba is a scriptural name, from 2 Samuel 9:2-4. He is a male servant. [noted -ed]
DianaGale  5/25/2011
My Webster's "Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names" shows the pronunciation with a long I and the emphasis on the first syllable: ZEYE-buh. It means "planter."
DianaGale  5/25/2011
Ziba Ganiyeva (born 1923) is an Azeri philologist and a former female sniper during World War II.
Buneary  9/21/2013
It's NOT pronounced "Z-eye-bah", it's ZEE-bā.
― Anonymous User  8/7/2014

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