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Finally, a pronunciation of Zoe that is true to the spelling. And quite pretty it is, too.
gaelruadh19  1/20/2007
I like this pronunciation better, and the dash over the 'e' makes the name way cooler.
7up  2/7/2007
There is a rock band from Mexico who are named this. Actually, they're a pretty good band, I've become a great fanatic of some of the songs I've listened to. :)
Edgestein  4/19/2007
The pronunciation zo-ay seems to mimick an English accent. In French this is zo-eh.
― Anonymous User  6/5/2008
Zoé Héran is an actress who is known for playing the lead role of Laure/Mickäel in the 2011 French film Tomboy.
― Anonymous User  6/2/2015
Also Hungarian.
cutenose  5/2/2016
Hungarian pronunciation: ZO-ay.
HerculePoirot  9/2/2016

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