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A very interesting name.
― Anonymous User  1/30/2005
One of the most famous bearers of the name is Zuleika Dobson, the title character in Max Beerbohm's comedic novel of the same name.
WeloveyouJesseLacey  5/15/2005
Zuleika is a musical with music by Peter Tranchell and book and lyrics by James Ferman. The musical is based on the 1911 novel, Zuleika Dobson, by Max Beerbohm.
LMS  7/30/2007
David Bowie and Iman have a daughter named Zelehka, which understand is a form of Zuleika.
― Anonymous User  11/22/2007
Zuleika sounds like a pretty name. However, it is a little bit funny to me because it sounds like "zulika" (which, in Swahili, means "to drive somebody crazy").
Pippin  7/5/2008
Actors Charles Buchinskiy (Bronson) and Jill Ireland have a daughter Zuleika Buchinskaya.
Emilie007  1/1/2009
Some might think it looks like an awful modern name, but Zuleika lives up to its meaning. Airy and unique, it's a gem that deserves far more attention.
Wilted  6/14/2009
I agree with the above comment. What a gem of a name!
vomiting  6/16/2009
Zuleikha Robinson is a British actress known for her roles as Moushumi Mazumdar in the movie the Namesake and Ilana in the TV series Lost.
bibi66  6/21/2009
The very beautiful Zuleyka Rivera from Puerto Rico won the Miss Universe title in 2006. Gorgeous unique name.
Bajafresh  8/25/2009
I find this name really special, brilliant and beautiful. Xxx.
― Anonymous User  10/20/2014
Zuleika is a really beautiful and interesting name with a pretty meaning. I like also the variant Suleika.
SilverSatan  2/1/2018
One of my favourite names. It's just so special.
Hana05  3/25/2018

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