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I think this name is awesome! I'm not African but I think I would seriously consider using it anyway. :D.
little_kit  5/19/2006
I think this name is gorgeous. Really, even the letters themselves, how the word sounds. All of it is beautiful.
AudioXVampire  12/4/2007
Pronounced Zoo-Ree.
― Anonymous User  2/15/2009
This name sounds pretty. Definitely much better than Suri!
bananarama  6/21/2011
Zuri Ross is a character on the Disney series "Jessie."
Rin_0911  8/22/2012
"Good" is a much better translation of the Swahili word than "beautiful."
Anisky  9/20/2012
I am absolutely in love with this name.
It is so stunning and simple, I love the overall look & sound of this name.

It's just complete perfection IMO.
I have it on my list paired as Zuri Katherine.
KarlinaFleur  7/21/2015
I know a man with this name. His mother is from Africa and knew of the meaning before naming him (and will proudly tell people about the meaning). I'm not sure if it's commonly used as a male name or not, but he is certainly a male bearer.
Sharley  8/3/2015
Reminds me too much of the word "Misery"

My cousin was going to name her child this if she had a girl. Thank god she had a son instead.
― Anonymous User  1/11/2016
I like the name's meaning. It's a shame that that stupid Disney Channel show Jessie had to use it.
Buneary  5/22/2016
I absolutely fell in love with the name when we were looking for unique baby girl names. And it fits her perfectly... light skinned, beautiful. My daughter's name is Zuri Jaspré. Uniquely her own.
RissaRose83  12/23/2016

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