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In the original Hebrew it is pronounced 'TZuri'el'. Beginning with a TZ sound not found in English which is more of a guttural 'z' sound.
benoyohu dov  7/12/2007
Unless you're a pantheist, or a devoted fan of rock music, the meaning doesn't make any sense. ("My rock is God"? Uhh, congratulations!) Nice name anyway, though. Love the spelling, love the sound.
Lady Seashell  2/18/2008
The meaning is clear to me. Rock means strength or stability. A loose translation would be "God is my strength." Rock is just a broader symbol than just strength alone. I really like the name.
Varuca  12/11/2008
Second that meaning. "God is my rock" simply means this person turns to God as their sanctuary or stronghold or foundation. Someone who bears this name is someone who depends or leans on God.
mthood  9/4/2009
Pronounced ZYUWR-ee-əl in English.
― Anonymous User  4/2/2011

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