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Pronounced zu (French u or German ü)-sah, zee-sah, zee-seh.
Miss Claire  7/30/2006
Reminds me almost of a feminine version of Zeus.
erb816  12/17/2009
Ditta Zusa Einzinger, was an Austrian pop singer who recorded under the stage name Lolita. Born January 17, 1931, St. Pölten, Austria — died June 30, 2010, Salzburg, Austria.
Francesca  8/3/2010
The meaning is indeed very sweet. ^^ I actually thought this name was related to 'Zeus'. Zusa could be short for the Japanese name "Azusa" btw. :D.
― Anonymous User  8/18/2014
Named my olde English bulldog Zusa after the character in the shadow dance trilogy. Love the name.
wesb  12/30/2016

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