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This is a list of names in which the gender is unisex; and the usage is Ancient.
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AGRIPPA   m & f   Ancient Roman, Biblical
Roman cognomen of unknown meaning, possibly from Greek αγριος (agrios) "wild" and ‘ιππος (hippos) "horse" or possibly of Etruscan origin... [more]
ALEXIS   m & f   German, French, English, Greek, Ancient Greek
From the Greek name Αλεξις (Alexis), which meant "helper" or "defender", derived from Greek αλεξω (alexo) "to defend, to help"... [more]
AQUILA   m & f   Biblical, Ancient Roman
From a Roman cognomen which meant "eagle" in Latin... [more]
FEIDLIMID   m & f   Ancient Irish, Irish Mythology
Possibly means "beauty" or "ever good" in Irish Gaelic... [more]
GLAUCIA   m & f   Ancient Roman
Latin form of GLÁUCIO
IOVITA   m & f   Ancient Roman
Latin masculine and feminine form of JOVITA
LEOFDÆG   m & f   Anglo-Saxon
Derived from the Old English element leof "dear, agreeable, beloved" combined with dæg "day".
NIKEPHOROS   m & f   Ancient Greek, Greek Mythology
Means "carrying victory" from Greek νικη (nike) "victory" and φορεω (phoreo) "to carry, to bear"... [more]