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Names that are related to CATHERINE:
AIKATERINE   f   Greek, Ancient Greek
CADI   f   Welsh
CAELIE   f   English (Rare)
CAETLIN   f   English (Rare)
CAILEIGH   f   English (Rare)
CAILIN   f   English (Rare)
CAILYN   f   English (Modern)
CÁIT   f   Irish
CAITLÍN   f   Irish
CAITLIN   f   Irish, English
CAITLYN   f   English (Modern)
CAITRIA   f   Irish
CAITRÍONA   f   Irish
CAITRÌONA   f   Scottish
CAJA   f   Danish
CAJSA   f   Swedish
CALEIGH   f   English (Modern)
CAREN   f   English
CARIN   f   Swedish
CARINA (2)   f   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German
CARINE   f   French
CARYN   f   English
CĂTĂLIN   m   Romanian
CĂTĂLINA   f   Romanian
CATALINA   f   Spanish
CATARINA   f   Portuguese, Occitan, Galician
CATE   f   English (Rare)
CATELINE   f   Medieval French
CATERINA   f   Italian, Catalan
CATHARINA   f   Dutch, Swedish
CATHARINE   f   English
CATHERIN   f   English (Rare)
CATHERINA   f   English (Rare)
CATHERINE   f   French, English
CATHLEEN   f   Irish, English
CATHRIN   f   German
CATHRINE   f   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
CATHRYN   f   English
CATHY   f   English
CÁTIA   f   Portuguese
CATINA   f   Romanian
CATO (2)   f   Dutch
CATRIN   f   Welsh, German
CATRINA   f   Irish, Scottish
CATRINE   f   Swedish
CATRIONA   f   Irish, Scottish
CAYLEY   f   English (Rare)
ECATERINA   f   Romanian
EKA (2)   f   Georgian
EKATERINA   f   Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian
EKATERINE   f   Georgian
HECATE   f   Greek Mythology (Latinized)
HEKATE   f   Greek Mythology
IINA   f   Finnish
INA   f   English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Limburgish, Croatian
JEKATERINA   f   Russian
KAARINA   f   Finnish
KADRI   f   Estonian
KAE   f   English (Rare)
KAELEA   f   English (Rare)
KAELEE   f   English (Rare)
KAELYN   f   English (Modern)
KAETY   f   English (Rare)
KAI (2)   f   Swedish
KAIA   f   Norwegian, Estonian
KAIJA   f   Finnish
KAILEE   f   English (Modern)
KAILEY   f   English (Modern)
KAILYN   f   English (Modern)
KAISA   f   Finnish, Estonian
KAITLIN   f   English (Modern)
KAITLYN   f   English (Modern)
KAITLYNN   f   English (Modern)
KAJ (2)   f   Swedish (Rare)
KAJA (1)   f   Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Estonian, Slovene
KAJSA   f   Swedish
KAKALINA   f   Hawaiian
KALEIGH   f   English (Modern)
KALENA   f   Hawaiian
KALEY   f   English (Modern)
KALIE   f   English (Modern)
KALYN   f   English (Modern)
KAREN (1)   f   Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, German, English
KARENA   f   English (Rare)
KARI (1)   f   Norwegian
KARIN   f   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Dutch, Finnish, English
KARINA   f   Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, German, Russian, English
KARINE (1)   f   French
KARINE (2)   f   Norwegian
KARYN   f   English
KASIA   f   Polish
KAT   f   English
KATA   f   Hungarian, Finnish, Croatian
KATALIN   f   Hungarian, Basque
KATALINKA   f   Hungarian
KATARIINA   f   Finnish, Estonian
KATARIN   f   Breton
KATARÍNA   f   Slovak
KATARINA   f   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Croatian, Serbian, Slovene
KATARINE   f   German (Rare)
KATARZYNA   f   Polish
KATE   f   English, Croatian
KATEE   f   English (Rare)
KATELIJN   f   Dutch
KATELIJNE   f   Dutch
KATELIN   f   English (Modern)
KATELL   f   Breton
KATELYN   f   English (Modern)
KATELYNN   f   English (Modern)
KATENKA   f   Russian
KATERI   f   History
KATEŘINA   f   Czech
KATERINA   f   Macedonian, Russian, Bulgarian, Greek, Late Roman
KATERYNA   f   Ukrainian
KATEY   f   English
KATHARINA   f   German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
KATHARINE   f   English, German
KATHARYN   f   English
KÄTHE   f   German
KATHERINA   f   English (Rare), German
KATHERINE   f   English
KATHERYN   f   English
KATHERYNE   f   English (Rare)
KATHI   f   English
KATHIE   f   English
KATHLEEN   f   Irish, English
KATHLYN   f   English
KATHRIN   f   German
KATHRINE   f   Danish, Norwegian
KATHRYN   f   English
KATHY   f   English
KATI   f   Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian
KATIA   f   Russian
KATICA   f   Croatian, Slovene, Hungarian
KATIE   f   English
KATINA   f   Greek, Macedonian
KATINKA   f   German, Hungarian, Dutch
KATJA   f   German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Slovene
KATKA   f   Czech, Slovak
KATLYN   f   English (Modern)
KATÓ   f   Hungarian
KATRĖ   f   Lithuanian
KATRI   f   Finnish
KATRIEN   f   Dutch
KATRIINA   f   Finnish
KATRIJN   f   Dutch
KATRÍN   f   Icelandic
KATRIN   f   German, Swedish, Estonian
KATRINA   f   English, German, Swedish, Dutch
KATRINE   f   Danish, Norwegian
KATRIONA   f   English (Rare)
KATSIARYNA   f   Belarusian
KATTALIN   f   Basque
KATY   f   English
KATYA   f   Russian
KAY (1)   f   English
KAYE   f   English
KAYLA (1)   f   English
KAYLEAH   f   English (Rare)
KAYLEE   f   English (Modern)
KAYLEEN   f   English (Rare)
KAYLEIGH   f   English (Modern)
KAYLEY   f   English (Modern)
KAYLIE   f   English (Modern)
KAYLIN   f   English (Modern)
KAYLY   f   English (Rare)
KAYLYN   f   English (Modern)
KAYLYNN   f   English (Modern)
KEIGHLEY   f   English (Rare)
KEILA   f   English (Modern)
KERENA   f   English (Rare)
KETEVAN   f   Georgian
KETI   f   Georgian
KETO   f   Georgian
KIT   m & f   English
KITTI   f   Hungarian
KITTY   f   English
KOTRYNA   f   Lithuanian
NIENKE   f   Frisian
NINE   f   Frisian
NYNKE   f   Frisian
RIINA   f   Finnish, Estonian
RINA (1)   f   Italian, Dutch
RINI   m & f   Dutch
RINY   m & f   Dutch
RÍONA   f   Irish
SHAYLA   f   English
TAYLA   f   English (Modern)
TINA   f   English, Italian, Dutch, Slovene, Croatian, Macedonian
TINEKE   f   Dutch
TRIINU   f   Estonian
TRIJNTJE   f   Dutch
TRINA   f   English
TRINE   f   Danish
YEKATERINA   f   Russian