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This is a list of names in which the gender is feminine; and the length is 12.
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ÆÐELÞRYÐ   f   Anglo-Saxon
Derived from the Old English elements æðel "noble" and þryð "strength".
ALEKSANDRINA   f   Russian, Bulgarian
Diminutive of ALEKSANDRA.
ALTANTSETSEG   f   Mongolian
Means "golden flower" in Mongolian.
AMALASUINTHA   f   Ancient Germanic
Old Germanic form of MILLICENT.
APOLLINARIYA   f   Russian
Russian feminine form of APOLLINARIS.
CHANDRAKANTA   f   Indian, Hindi
Feminine form of CHANDRAKANT.
CHIYEMBEKEZO   m & f   Southern African, Chewa
Means "hope" in Chewa.
CHLOTICHILDA   f   Ancient Germanic
Old Germanic form of CLOTILDE.
CHRISTABELLA   f   English (Rare)
Latinate form of CHRISTABEL.
CLYTEMNESTRA   f   Greek Mythology (Latinized)
Latinized form of Greek Κλυταιμνηστρα (Klytaimnestra), from κλυτος (klytos) "famous, noble" and μνηστηρ (mnester) "courter, wooer". In Greek legend Clytemnestra was the wife of Agamemnon and the mother of Orestes and Electra. While her husband was away during the Trojan War she took a lover, and upon his return she had him murdered. She was subsequently killed by Orestes.
ERDENECHIMEG   f   Mongolian
Means "jewel ornament" in Mongolian.
GIIWEDINOKWE   f   Native American, Ojibwe
Means "woman of the north" in Ojibwe.
KEREN-HAPPUCH   f   Biblical
Means "horn of antimony" in Hebrew. Antimony is a substance that was formerly used as an eye cosmetic (eyeshadow). A hollowed animal horn could have been used to store this material. Keren-Happuch is the name of the third daughter of Job in the Old Testament.
MAXIMILIENNE   f   French (Rare)
French feminine form of MAXIMILIAN.
MICHELANGELA   f   Italian
Feminine form of MICHELANGELO.
MUNKHTSETSEG   f   Mongolian
Means "eternal flower" in Mongolian.
NARANTSETSEG   f   Mongolian
Means "sun flower" in Mongolian.
OLUFUNMILAYO   f & m   Western African, Yoruba
Means "God gave me joy" in Yoruba.
OLUFUNMILOLA   f & m   Western African, Yoruba
Means "God gives me wealth" in Yoruba.
ONYEKACHUKWU   m & f   Western African, Igbo
Variant of ONYEKACHI, using Chukwu as the last element, which is the extended form of Chi meaning "God".
Diminutive of PARASKEVI.
PHILADELPHIA   f   English (Rare)
From the name of a city in Asia Minor mentioned in Revelation in the New Testament. The name of the city meant "brotherly love" from Greek φιλεω (phileo) "to love" and αδελφος (adelphos) "brother". It is also the name of a city in the United States.
SCHEHERAZADE   f   Literature
Anglicized form of SHAHRAZAD.
French form of SCHOLASTICA.
SIBONAKALISO   m & f   Southern African, Zulu
From Zulu isibonakaliso meaning "sign, token, proof".
TAGWANIBISAN   f   Native American, Algonquin
Means "rainbow" in Alqonguin.
XOCHIQUETZAL   f   Aztec and Toltec Mythology, Native American, Nahuatl
Means "flower feather" in Nahuatl. This was the name of the Aztec goddess of love, flowers and the earth, the twin sister of Xochipilli.
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