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This is a list of names in which the gender is feminine; and the first letter is U.
There are 63 names matching your criteria.

UBON   f   Thai
Means "lotus" in Thai.
UDANE   f   Basque
Derived from Basque uda meaning "summer".
UDO (2)   f & m   Western African, Igbo
Means "peace" in Igbo.
UDUAK   m & f   Western African, Ibibio
Means "will, desire" in Ibibio.
UFUOMA   m & f   Western African, Urhobo
Means "peace of mind" in Urhobo.
UGNĖ   f   Lithuanian
Means "fire" in Lithuanian.
UILANI   f   Hawaiian
Means "heavenly beauty" or "royal beauty" from Hawaiian u'i "youth, beauty" and lani "heaven, sky, royal, majesty".
UKALEQ   f   Native American, Greenlandic
Means "hare" in Greenlandic.
ULA   f   Polish
Diminutive of URSZULA.
ULIANA   f   Russian
Russian form of JULIANA.
ÜLKÜ   f   Turkish
Means "ideal" in Turkish.
ULLA   f   Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, German
Scandinavian diminutive of ULRIKA or HULDA (1), or a German diminutive of URSULA.
ULLI   m & f   German
Diminutive of ULRICH or ULRIKE.
ULLORIAQ   f   Native American, Greenlandic
Means "star" in Greenlandic.
ULRICA   f   Swedish
Feminine form of ULRIC.
ULRIIKKA   f   Finnish (Rare)
Finnish feminine form of ULRICH.
ULRIKA   f   Swedish
Swedish feminine form of ULRICH... [more]
ULRIKE   f   German
German feminine form of ULRICH.
ULRIKKE   f   Norwegian, Danish
Norwegian and Danish feminine form of ULRICH.
ULVİYE   f   Turkish
Feminine form of ULVİ.
ULYSSA   f   English (Rare)
Feminine form of ULYSSES.
UMA   f   Indian, Hinduism
Means "flax" in Sanskrit... [more]
UME   f   Japanese
From Japanese (ume) meaning "plum"... [more]
UMEKO   f   Japanese
From Japanese (ume) meaning "plum" and (ko) meaning "child"... [more]
UMIDA   f   Uzbek
Feminine form of UMID.
UMUT   m & f   Turkish
Variant of ÜMİT... [more]
ÚNA   f   Irish
Possibly derived from Irish uan meaning "lamb".
ÙNA   f   Scottish
Scottish form of ÚNA.
UNATHI   m & f   Southern African, Xhosa
Means "God is with us" in Xhosa.
UNDINE   f   Literature
Derived from Latin unda meaning "wave"... [more]
UNICE   f   English (Rare)
Variant of EUNICE.
UNIQUE   f   English (Modern)
From the English word unique, ultimately derived from Latin unicus.
UNITY   f   English (Rare)
From the English word unity, which is ultimately derived from Latin unitas.
UNN   f   Norwegian
Norwegian form of UNNR.
UNNR   f   Ancient Scandinavian
Derived from Old Norse unnr "to wave, to billow" or unna "to love".
UNNUR   f   Icelandic
Icelandic form of UNNR.
UPASANA   f   Indian
Means "worship, devotion" in Sanskrit.
URANIA   f   Greek Mythology (Latinized)
Latinized form of OURANIA.
URBANA   f   Italian
Italian feminine form of URBAN.
URD   f   Norse Mythology
From the Old Norse Urðr meaning "fate"... [more]
URSA   f   Late Roman
Feminine form of URSUS... [more]
URSEL   f   German
German diminutive of URSULA.
URSELLA   f   English (Rare)
Variant of URSULA.
URŠKA   f   Slovene
Slovene diminutive of URSULA.
ÚRSULA   f   Portuguese, Spanish
Portuguese and Spanish form of URSULA.
URŠULA   f   Slovene
Slovene form of URSULA.
URSULA   f   English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Dutch, Finnish, Late Roman
Means "little bear", derived from a diminutive form of the Latin word ursa "she-bear"... [more]
URSZULA   f   Polish
Polish form of URSULA.
URTĖ   f   Lithuanian
Possibly a Lithuanian diminutive of DOROTHY.
URVI   f   Indian
Means "wide" in Sanskrit.
USAGI   f   Popular Culture
Means "rabbit" in Japanese... [more]
USCHI   f   German
Diminutive of URSULA.
USHA   f   Indian, Hinduism
Means "dawn" in Sanskrit... [more]
USHAS   f   Indian, Hinduism
Variant of USHA.
USOA   f   Basque
Means "dove" in Basque.
USTINYA   f   Russian
Russian form of JUSTINA.
UTARI   f   Indonesian, Javanese
Javanese form of UTTARA.
UTE   f   German
Feminine form of UDO (1).
UTTARA   m & f   Indian, Hinduism
Means "north" in Sanskrit... [more]
UXÍA   f   Galician
Galician form of EUGENIA.
UXUE   f   Basque
From the Basque name of the Spanish town of Ujué where there is a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary... [more]
UZMA   f   Arabic
Means "supreme, greatest" in Arabic.
UZOMA   m & f   Western African, Igbo
Means "good way" in Igbo.