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This is a list of names in which the gender is feminine; and the usage is Mayan.
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ITZELfNative American, Mayan
Meaning uncertain, possibly from Mayan itz meaning "dew, nectar, fluid". Otherwise, it might be a variant of IXCHEL.
IXCHELfMayan Mythology, Native American, Mayan
Means "rainbow lady" in Mayan. Ixchel was the Maya goddess of the earth, the moon, and medicine. She was often depicted with a snake in her hair and crossbones embroidered on her skirt.
NICTEfNative American, Mayan
Means "flower" in Mayan.
SACNICTEfNative American, Mayan
Means "white flower" in Mayan.
YUNUENm & fNative American, Mayan
Possibly means "half moon" in Mayan. This is the name of an island on Lake Pátzcuaro in Mexico.
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