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This is a list of names in which the gender is masculine; and the length is 13.
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ARTAKHSHATHRA   m   Ancient Persian
Old Persian form of ARTAXERXES
BARTHOLOMAIOS   m   Biblical Greek
New Testament Greek form of BARTHOLOMEW
CHRISTOPHOROS   m   Late Greek
Greek form of CHRISTOPHER
CHRISTOPHORUS   m   Late Roman
Latin form of CHRISTOPHER
CUIDIGHTHEACH   m   Ancient Irish
Old Irish byname meaning "helpful".
HVARE KHSHAETA   m   Persian Mythology
Ancient Avestan form of KHURSHID
KANEONUSKATEW   m   Native American, Cree
Means "one that walks on four claws" in Cree... [more]
MÁEL SECHNAILL   m   Ancient Irish
Means "disciple of Saint SEACHNALL" in Irish... [more]
THEOPHYLAKTOS   m   Greek, Ancient Greek
Means "guarded by god" from Greek θεος (theos) "god" and φυλασσω (phylasso) "to guard"... [more]
VALENTINIANUS   m   Ancient Roman
Roman cognomen which was derived from Valentinus (see VALENTINE (1))... [more]
VERCINGETORIX   m   Ancient Celtic
Means "king over warriors" from Gaulish ver "on, over" combined with cingeto "marching men, warriors" and rix "king"... [more]