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This is a list of names in which the gender is masculine; and the first letter is I.
There are 347 names matching your criteria. This is page 2.

ITZAL   m   Basque
Means "shadow" in Basque.
ITZHAK   m   Hebrew
Variant transcription of YITZHAK
IUDAS   m   Biblical Latin
Latin form of JUDAH
IUDICAEL   m   Ancient Celtic
Old Breton form of JUDICAËL
IUDOCUS   m   Ancient Celtic (Latinized)
Latinized form of Judoc (see JOYCE).
IULIAN   m   Romanian
Romanian form of Iulianus (see JULIAN).
IULIANUS   m   Ancient Roman
Ancient Roman form of JULIAN
IULIU   m   Romanian
Romanian form of JULIUS
IULIUS   m   Ancient Roman
Ancient Roman form of JULIUS
IUNIUS   m   Ancient Roman
Latin form of JUNIUS
IUPPITER   m   Roman Mythology
Ancient Roman form of JUPITER
IURI   m   Georgian
Georgian form of YURIY
IUSTINIANUS   m   Late Roman
Latin form of JUSTINIAN
IUSTINUS   m   Late Roman
Latin form of JUSTIN
IUSTUS   m   Late Roman
Latin form of JUSTUS
IUVENALIS   m   Ancient Roman
Latin form of JUVENAL
IVAILO   m   Bulgarian
Variant transcription of IVAYLO
IVÁN   m   Spanish
Spanish form of IVAN
IVAN   m   Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Croatian, Czech, Slovene, Macedonian, English
Newer form of the old Slavic name Іѡаннъ (Ioannu), which was derived from Greek Ioannes (see JOHN)... [more]
IVANE   m   Georgian
Georgian form of JOHN
IVANO   m   Italian
Italian form of IVAN
IVAR   m   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
Scandinavian form of IVOR
ÍVARR   m   Ancient Scandinavian
Old Norse form of IVOR
IVAYLO   m   Bulgarian
Perhaps derived from an old Bulgar name meaning "wolf"... [more]
IVES   m   History
English form of YVES, used to refer to Saint Ives (also called Ivo) of Huntingdonshire, a semi-legendary English bishop.
IVICA   m   Croatian
Diminutive of IVAN
IVO (1)   m   German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Ancient Germanic
Germanic name, originally a short form of names beginning with the Germanic element iv meaning "yew"... [more]
IVOR   m   Irish, Scottish, Welsh, English (British)
From the Old Norse name Ívarr, which was derived from the elements yr "yew, bow" and arr "warrior"... [more]
IVORY   m & f   African American
From the English word for the hard, creamy-white substance which comes from elephant tusks and was formerly used to produce piano keys.
IWAN   m   Welsh, Polish
Welsh form of JOHN and a Polish form of IVAN
IWO   m   Polish
Polish form of IVO (1)
IYOV   m   Hebrew
Hebrew form of JOB
'IYYOV   m   Biblical Hebrew
Biblical Hebrew form of JOB
IZAÄK   m   Dutch
Dutch form of ISAAC
IZAAK   m   Polish
Polish form of ISAAC
IZANAGI   m   Far Eastern Mythology
Means "male who invites" in Japanese... [more]
IZEM   m   Northern African, Berber
Means "lion" in Tamazight.
IZIDOR   m   Slovene
Slovene form of ISIDORE
IZOTZ   m   Basque
Means "ice" in Basque.
IZSÁK   m   Hungarian
Hungarian form of ISAAC
IZUDIN   m   Bosnian
Bosnian form of IZZ AL-DIN
IZYDOR   m   Polish
Polish form of ISIDORE
IZZ AL-DIN   m   Arabic
Means "glory of religion", derived from Arabic عزّ ('izz) "glory, power" and دين (din) "religion"... [more]
İZZET   m   Turkish
Means "glory, might" in Turkish.
IZZ UD-DIN   m   Arabic
Variant transcription of IZZ AL-DIN
IZZY   m & f   English
Diminutive of ISIDORE, ISABEL, ISRAEL, and other names beginning with a similar sound.

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