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This is a list of names in which the gender is masculine; and the usage is Far Eastern Mythology.
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IZANAGI   m   Far Eastern Mythology
Means "male who invites" in Japanese. In Japanese mythology the god Izanagi was the husband of Izanami. When she died he unsuccessfully journeyed to the underworld to retrieve her. In the purifying rites that followed his return the gods of the sun, moon and wind were created.
JIMMU   m   Far Eastern Mythology
Means "divine warrior", from Japanese (jin) meaning "god" and (mu) meaning "military, martial". In Japanese legend this was the name of the founder of Japan and the first emperor, supposedly ruling in the 7th century BC.
RAIDEN   m   Far Eastern Mythology
Variant transcription of RAIJIN. This is the usual spelling of the god's name in English.
RAIJIN   m   Far Eastern Mythology
From Japanese (rai) meaning "thunder" and (jin) meaning "god, spirit". This is the name of the god of thunder and storms in the mythology of Japan.