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This is a list of names in which the gender is unisex; and the first letter is D.
There are 36 names matching your criteria.

DA   m & f   Chinese
From Chinese () meaning "achieve, arrive at, intelligent" (which is usually only masculine), () meaning "big, great, vast, high", or other characters with a similar pronunciation.
DAKOTA   m & f   English (Modern)
Means "allies, friends" in the Dakota language... [more]
DALE   m & f   English
From an English surname which originally belonged to a person who lived near a dale or valley.
DALITSO   m & f   Southern African, Chewa
Means "blessing" in Chewa.
DANA (2)   m & f   English
From a surname which originally belonged to a person who was Danish... [more]
DANA (4)   m & f   Persian, Arabic
Means "wise" in Persian.
DAR   f & m   Hebrew
Means "mother-of-pearl, nacre" in Hebrew.
DARA (2)   f & m   Khmer
Means "star" in Khmer, ultimately from Sanskrit.
DARBY   m & f   English
From an English surname, which was derived from the name of the town of Derby, meaning "deer town" in Old Norse.
DARCY   f & m   English
From an English surname which was derived from Norman French d'Arcy, originally denoting one who came from Arcy in France... [more]
DARIAN   m & f   English
Probably an elaborated form of DARREN.
DAYO   m & f   Western African, Yoruba
Means "joy arrives" in Yoruba.
DEE   f & m   English
Short form of names beginning with D... [more]
DELL   m & f   English
From an English surname which originally denoted a person who lived in a dell or valley.
DELSHAD   m & f   Persian
Variant transcription of DILSHAD.
DENİZ   f & m   Turkish
Means "sea" in Turkish.
DERYA   f & m   Turkish
Means "sea, ocean" in Turkish, ultimately from Persian.
DESTA   f & m   Eastern African, Amharic
Means "joy" in Amharic.
DEVAN   m & f   English (Modern)
Variant of DEVIN.
DEVIN   m & f   English, Irish
From a surname, either the Irish surname DEVIN (1) or the English surname DEVIN (2).
DEVON   m & f   English
Variant of DEVIN... [more]
DEVYN   f & m   English (Modern)
Variant of DEVIN.
DIAN   m & f   Indonesian
Means "candle" in Indonesian and Javanese.
DIKLA   m & f   Hebrew
Variant transcription of DIKLAH.
DIKLAH   m & f   Hebrew, Biblical, Biblical Hebrew
Possibly means "palm grove" in Hebrew or Aramaic... [more]
DILSHAD   m & f   Persian
Means "happy heart, cheerful" in Persian.
DÎYAR   f & m   Kurdish
Means "gift" in Kurdish.
DOMINIQUE   f & m   French
French feminine and masculine form of DOMINIC.
DOR   m & f   Hebrew
Means "generation" in Hebrew.
DUBAKU   m & f   Western African, Akan
Means "eleventh born child" in Akan.
DUHA   f & m   Arabic
Means "morning" in Arabic.
DUMISANI   m & f   Southern African, Zulu
Means "give praise" in Zulu.
DURI   f & m   Korean
Means "two" in Korean.
DUSTY   m & f   English
From a nickname originally given to people perceived as being dusty... [more]
DUYGU   m & f   Turkish
Means "emotion, sensation" in Turkish.
DWI   m & f   Indonesian
Means "two, second" in Indonesian and Javanese, ultimately from Sanskrit द्वि (dvi).