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This is a list of names in which the gender is unisex; and the first letter is G.
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GABBY   m & f   English
Diminutive of GABRIEL or GABRIELLE
GABI   f & m   German, Romanian, Hungarian
German diminutive of GABRIELE (2) (feminine), Romanian diminutive of GABRIEL (masculine) or GABRIELA (feminine), and Hungarian diminutive of GÁBOR (masculine) or GABRIELLA (feminine).
GAL (1)   f & m   Hebrew
Means "wave" in Hebrew.
GANIZANI   m & f   Southern African, Chewa
Means "think" in Chewa.
GARNET (2)   m & f   English
From an occupational English surname which referred either to a person who made hinges (Old French carne) or who sold pomegranates (Old French pome grenate).
GARNETT   m & f   English
Variant of GARNET (2)
GAYLE   f & m   English
Variant of GAIL or GALE (2)
GEORGIE   f & m   English
Diminutive of GEORGIA or GEORGE
GERRY   m & f   English, Dutch
GHUFRAN   f & m   Arabic
Means "forgiveness" in Arabic.
GI   m & f   Korean
Derived from Sino-Korean "foundation, base" or "rise".
GILI   f & m   Hebrew
Means "my joy" in Hebrew.
GLAUCIA   m & f   Ancient Roman
Latin form of GLÁUCIO
GLAW   m & f   Welsh
Means "rain" in Welsh. This is a modern Welsh name.
GOLSHAN   f & m   Persian
Means "rose garden" in Persian.
GOLZAR   m & f   Persian
Means "rose cheeked" in Persian.
GOMER   m & f   Biblical
Means "complete" in Hebrew... [more]
GREER   f & m   Scottish, English (Rare)
From a Scottish surname which was derived from the given name GREGOR.
GUADALUPE   f & m   Spanish
From a Spanish title of the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, meaning "Our Lady of Guadalupe"... [more]
GUIOMAR   f & m   Portuguese, Spanish, Arthurian Romance
Possibly derived from the Germanic name Wigmar, which is formed of the elements wig "war, battle" and meri "famous"... [more]
GUL   m & f   Pakistani, Urdu, Pashto
Means "flower, rose" in Urdu and Pashto, ultimately from Persian.
GULBAHAR   f & m   Pakistani, Urdu
Urdu form of GOLBAHAR
GULSHAN   m & f   Indian, Pakistani, Urdu
Indian and Pakistani form of GOLSHAN
GULZAR   m & f   Pakistani, Urdu
Urdu form of GOLZAR
GUO   m & f   Chinese
Means "country" in Chinese.
GWYNEDD   f & m   Welsh
From the name of a region in Wales, named after an ancient kingdom, which may be derived from the old Welsh given name Cunedda.
GYEONG   m & f   Korean
Means "respect" from Sino-Korean .