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This is a list of names in which the gender is unisex; and the first letter is R.
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RADHA   f & m   Hinduism, Indian, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi
Means "success" in Sanskrit. This is the name of the favourite consort of the Hindu god Krishna.
RAHAT   m & f   Arabic
Means "rest, comfort" in Arabic.
RAIN (1)   f & m   English (Rare)
Simply from the English word rain, derived from Old English regn.
RAINE   f & m   English (Rare)
Possibly based on the French word reine meaning "queen". A famous bearer is the British socialite Raine Spencer (1929-), the stepmother of Princess Diana. In modern times it can also be used as a variant of RAIN (1) or a short form of LORRAINE.
RAJANI   f & m   Hinduism, Indian, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Hindi, Nepali
Means "the dark one" in Sanskrit. This is another name of the Hindu goddess Kali or Durga.
RAJINDER   m & f   Indian (Sikh)
Variant of RAJENDRA used by Sikhs.
RANDY   m & f   English
RASHMI   f & m   Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil
Means "ray of sunlight" or "rope" in Sanskrit.
RATHNA   f & m   Tamil
Southern Indian variant of RATNA.
RATNA   f & m   Indian, Hindi, Telugu, Nepali, Indonesian
Derived from Sanskrit रत्न (ratna) meaning "jewel, treasure". This is a transcription of both the feminine form रत्ना and the masculine form रत्न.
RATNAM   m & f   Indian, Telugu
Southern Indian variant of RATNA.
RAVEN   f & m   English
From the name of the bird, ultimately from Old English hræfn. The raven is revered by several Native American groups of the west coast. It is also associated with the Norse god Odin.
RAVID   m & f   Hebrew
Means "ornament, necklace" in Hebrew.
RAVINDER   m & f   Indian (Sikh)
Variant of RAVINDRA used by Sikhs.
RAYAN   m & f   Arabic
Variant transcription of RAYYAN.
RAYYAN   m & f   Arabic
Means "watered, luxuriant" in Arabic. According to Islamic tradition this is the name of one of the gates of paradise.
RAZ   m & f   Hebrew
Means "secret" in Hebrew.
REAGAN   f & m   English, Irish
From an Irish surname, an Anglicized form of Ó Ríagáin meaning "descendant of RIAGÁN". This surname was borne by American president Ronald Reagan (1911-2004).
REFILWE   m & f   Southern African, Tswana
Means "we were given" in Tswana.
REILLY   m & f   English (Modern)
From an Irish surname which was derived from the given name Raghailleach, meaning unknown.
REN   m & f   Japanese
From Japanese (ren) meaning "lotus", (ren) meaning "love", or other kanji which are pronounced the same way.
RENE   m & f   English
English form of RENÉ or RENÉE.
REYES   f & m   Spanish
Means "kings" in Spanish. It is taken from the title of the Virgin Mary, La Virgen de los Reyes, meaning "The Virgin of the Kings". According to legend, the Virgin Mary appeared to King Ferdinand III of Castile and told him his armies would defeat those of the Moors in Seville.
RICKI   m & f   English
Masculine and feminine diminutive of RICHARD.
RILEY   m & f   English
From a surname which comes from two distinct sources. As an Irish surname it is a variant of REILLY. As an English surname it is derived from a place name meaning "rye clearing" in Old English.
RIN   f & m   Japanese
From Japanese (rin) meaning "dignified, severe, cold" or other kanji which are pronounced the same way.
RINI   m & f   Dutch
RINY   m & f   Dutch
RIVER   m & f   English (Modern)
From the English word that denotes a flowing body of water. The word is ultimately derived (via Old French) from Latin ripa "riverbank".
ROBBIE   m & f   English
Diminutive of ROBERT or ROBERTA.
ROBIN   m & f   English, Dutch, Swedish
Medieval diminutive of ROBERT. Robin Hood was a legendary hero and archer of medieval England who stole from the rich to give to the poor. In modern times it has also been used as a feminine name, and it may sometimes be given in reference to the red-breasted bird.
ROMILDA   f & m   Italian, Ancient Germanic
Means "famous battle" from the Germanic elements hrom "fame" and hild "battle".
RON (2)   m & f   Hebrew
Means "song, joy" in Hebrew.
RONG   f & m   Chinese
From Chinese (róng) meaning "glory, honour, flourish, prosper", (róng) meaning "fuse, harmonize" or (róng) meaning "appearance, form" (which is usually only feminine). Other Chinese characters can form this name as well.
RONNIE   m & f   English
Diminutive of RONALD or VERONICA.
ROSARIO   f & m   Spanish, Italian
Means "rosary", and is taken from the Spanish title of the Virgin Mary Nuestra Señora del Rosario meaning "Our Lady of the Rosary". This name is feminine in Spanish and masculine in Italian.
ROSHAN   m & f   Persian, Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Nepali
Means "light, bright" in Persian.
ROTEM   m & f   Hebrew
From the name of a desert plant (species Retama raetam), possibly derived from Hebrew רְתֹם (retom) meaning "to bind".
ROWAN   m & f   Irish, English (Modern)
From an Irish surname, an Anglicized form of Ó Ruadháin meaning "descendant of RUADHÁN". This name can also be given in reference to the rowan tree.
RU   m & f   Chinese
From Chinese () meaning "scholar", () meaning "like, as, if", or other characters with similar pronunciations.
RUDO   m & f   Southern African, Shona
Means "love" in Shona.
RUPINDER   m & f   Indian (Sikh)
Means "greatest beauty" from Sanskrit रूप (rupa) meaning "beauty, form" combined with the name of the Hindu god INDRA, used here to mean "greatest".
RÜŞEN   m & f   Turkish
Turkish form of ROSHAN.
RUTENDO   f & m   Southern African, Shona
Means "faith" in Shona.
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