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This is a list of names in which the gender is unisex; and the first letter is X.
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XIAm & fChinese
From Chinese (xià) meaning "summer, great, grand", (xiá) meaning "rosy clouds", or other characters which are pronounced similarly.
XIANGm & fChinese
From Chinese (xiáng) meaning "soar, glide", (xiáng) meaning "good luck, good omen", (xiāng) meaning "fragrant" (which is usually only feminine) or (xiāng), which refers to the Xiang River in southern China. This name can also be formed from other characters.
XINYIm & fChinese
From Chinese (xīn) meaning "happy, joyous, delighted" or (xīn) meaning "heart, mind, soul" combined with () meaning "joy, harmony". This name can also be formed from other character combinations.
XQUENDAm & fNative American, Zapotec
Means "spirit, soul, essence" in Zapotec.
XUÂNm & fVietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese (xuân) meaning "spring (the season)".
XUEf & mChinese
From Chinese (xuě) meaning "snow" or (xué) meaning "study, learning, school", besides other characters pronounced similarly.
XUNm & fChinese
From Chinese (xūn) meaning "meritorious deed, rank" or (xùn) meaning "snow", as well as other characters with a similar pronunciation.
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