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This is a list of names in which the gender is unisex; and the relationship is anglicized.
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FINLEY   m & f   Irish, Scottish, English
Anglicized form of FIONNLAGH.
INNES   m & f   Scottish
Anglicized form of AONGHUS, also used as a feminine name.
KEELAN   f & m   Irish
Anglicized form of CAOILFHIONN, sometimes used as a masculine name.
KELLY   m & f   Irish, English
Anglicized form of the Irish given name CEALLACH or the surname derived from it Ó Ceallaigh. As a surname, it has been borne by actor and dancer Gene Kelly (1912-1996) and actress and princess Grace Kelly (1929-1982).
MEREDITH   m & f   Welsh, English
From the Welsh name Maredudd or Meredydd, possibly meaning "great lord" or "sea lord". Since the mid-1920s it has been used more often for girls than for boys in English-speaking countries, though it is still a masculine name in Wales. A famous bearer of this name as surname was the English novelist and poet George Meredith (1828-1909).
SHEA   m & f   Irish
Anglicized form of SÉAGHDHA, sometimes used as a feminine name.
TIERNEY   m & f   Irish, English (Rare)
Anglicized form of TIGHEARNACH. In part, it is from a surname derived from the given name.
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