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This is a list of names in which the gender is unisex; and the usage is Welsh.
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AERON (1)m & fWelsh
Either derived from Welsh aeron meaning "berry" or else from the name of a river in Wales.
AFONf & mWelsh
Means "river" in Welsh. This is a Welsh name of recent origin.
BRYNm & fWelsh, English
Means "hill, mound" in Welsh. It is now used as a feminine name as well.
CARONf & mWelsh
Derived from Welsh caru meaning "to love".
EIRIANf & mWelsh
Means "bright, beautiful" in Welsh.
ENFYSm & fWelsh
Means "rainbow" in Welsh.
GLAWm & fWelsh
Means "rain" in Welsh. This is a modern Welsh name.
GWYNEDDf & mWelsh
From the name of a region in Wales, named after an ancient kingdom, which may be derived from the old Welsh given name Cunedda.
MEREDITHm & fWelsh, English
From the Welsh name Maredudd or Meredydd, possibly meaning "great lord" or "sea lord". Since the mid-1920s it has been used more often for girls than for boys in English-speaking countries, though it is still a masculine name in Wales. A famous bearer of this name as surname was the English novelist and poet George Meredith (1828-1909).
MORGAN (1)m & fWelsh, English, French
From the Old Welsh masculine name Morcant, which was possibly derived from Welsh mor "sea" and cant "circle". Since the 1980s in America Morgan has been more common for girls than boys, perhaps due to stories of Morgan le Fay or the fame of actress Morgan Fairchild (1950-).
PADERAUf & mWelsh
Means "beads" or "rosary" in Welsh. This is a modern Welsh name.
WYNNE (1)m & fWelsh
Variant of WYN, sometimes used as a feminine form.
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