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NOJUS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of NOAH (1).
NOKOMIS   f   New World Mythology
Means "my grandmother" in Ojibwe... [more]
NÖL   m   Limburgish
Limburgish short form of ARNOLD.
NOLA   f   English, Irish
Diminutive of MAGNOLIA, FINOLA or other names containing a similar sound.
NOLAN   m   Irish, English
From an Irish surname which was derived from Ó Nualláin meaning "descendant of NUALLÁN"... [more]
NOLENE   f   English (Rare)
Elaborated form of NOLA.
NÖLKE   m   Limburgish
Limburgish diminutive of ARNOLD.
NOLL   m   Medieval English
Medieval diminutive of OLIVER.
NOLLAIG   m & f   Irish
Means "Christmas" in Irish.
NOLWENN   f   Breton
From the Breton phrase Noyal Gwenn meaning "holy one from Noyal"... [more]
NOMIKI   f   Greek
Derived from Greek νομικος (nomikos) "relating to the law".
NOMUSA   f   Southern African, Ndebele
Means "merciful" in Ndebele.
NON   f   Welsh
Possibly derived from Latin nonna meaning "nun"... [more]
NONA (1)   f   Roman Mythology
Derived from Latin nonus meaning "ninth", referring to the nine months of pregnancy... [more]
NONA (2)   f   English, Ancient Roman (Rare)
Feminine form of NONUS... [more]
NONIE   f   English
Diminutive of IONE or NORA.
NONNA   f   Russian
Russian form of NONA (2).
NONTLE   f   Southern African, Xhosa
Means "mother of beauty" in Xhosa.
NONUS   m   Ancient Roman (Rare)
Roman praenomen, or given name, meaning "ninth" in Latin... [more]
NOOA   m   Finnish
Finnish form of NOAH (1).
NOOR (1)   f & m   Arabic, Pakistani, Urdu
Variant transcription of NUR.
NOOR (2)   f   Dutch, Limburgish
Dutch and Limburgish short form of ELEONORA.
NOORA   f   Finnish
Finnish form of NORA.
NOORTJE   f   Dutch, Limburgish
Dutch diminutive of ELEONORA.
NOR (1)   f & m   Malay
Malay variant of NUR.
NOR (2)   m   Limburgish
Short form of NORBAER.
NÓRA   f   Hungarian, Irish
Hungarian and Irish Gaelic form of NORA.
NORAH   f   Irish, English
Variant of NORA.
NORBAER   m   Limburgish
Limburgish form of NORBERT... [more]
NORBERT   m   German, English, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Polish, Ancient Germanic
Derived from the Germanic elements nord "north" and beraht "bright"... [more]
NORBERTO   m   Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
Spanish, Portuguese and Italian form of NORBERT.
NOREEN   f   Irish, English
Diminutive of NORA.
NORENE   f   Irish, English
Diminutive of NORA.
NORI   m   Japanese
From Japanese (nori) meaning "ceremony, rites" or other kanji which are pronounced the same way.
NORIKO   f   Japanese
From Japanese (nori) meaning "law, rule" or (nori) meaning "rule, ceremony" combined with (ko) meaning "child"... [more]
NORINA   f   Italian
Italian diminutive of NORA.
NORM   m   English
Short form of NORMAN.
NORMA   f   English, Italian, Literature
Created by Felice Romani for the main character in the opera 'Norma' (1831)... [more]
NORMAN   m   English, Ancient Germanic
From an old Germanic byname meaning "northman", referring to a Viking... [more]
NORMAND   m   English
From a surname which was derived from the same source as the name NORMAN.
NORMINA   f   English (Rare)
Elaborated form of NORMA.
NORRIS   m   English
From an English surname, either NORRIS (1) or NORRIS (2).
NORTON   m   English
From a surname which was originally derived from a place name meaning "north town" in Old English.
NORWOOD   m   English
From a surname which was originally taken from a place name meaning "north wood" in Old English.
NOSIPHO   f   Southern African, Zulu
Means "mother of a gift" in Zulu.
NOSIZWE   f   Southern African, Xhosa
Means "mother of the nation" in Xhosa.
NOSSON   m   Yiddish
Yiddish form of Natan (see NATHAN).
NOU   f   Hmong
Means "sun" in Hmong.
NOUR   f & m   Arabic
Variant transcription of NUR.
NOUREDDINE   m   Arabic
Variant transcription of NUR AD-DIN.
NOUSHA   f   Persian
Means "sweet, pleasant" in Persian.
NOVA   f   English
Derived from Latin novus meaning "new"... [more]
NOVAK   m   Serbian
From Serbian нов (nov) meaning "new".
NOWELL   m   English (Rare)
From the surname Nowell (a variant of NOEL).
NOY   f & m   Hebrew
Means "beauty" in Hebrew.
NOYA   f   Hebrew
Means "divine beauty" in Hebrew.
NSIA   m & f   Western African, Akan
Means "sixth born child" in Akan.
NSONOWA   m & f   Western African, Akan
Means "seventh born child" in Akan.
NTHANDA   m & f   Southern African, Tumbuka
Means "star" in Tumbuka.
NTOMBI   f   Southern African, Zulu
Means "lady" in Zulu.
NUADA   m   Irish Mythology
Possibly means "protector" in Celtic... [more]
NUADHA   m   Irish Mythology
Variant of NUADA.
NUALA   f   Irish
Short form of FIONNUALA.
NUALLÁN   m   Ancient Irish
Derived from Irish nuall "noble, famous" combined with a diminutive suffix.
NUAN   f   Chinese
From Chinese (nuǎn) meaning "warm, genial" or other characters with a similar pronunciation.
NUBIA   f   Various
From the name of the ancient region and kingdom in Africa, south of Egypt... [more]
NUDD   m   Welsh Mythology
Welsh cognate of NUADA.
NUH   m   Arabic, Turkish
Arabic and Turkish form of NOAH (1).
NUHA   f   Arabic
Means "mind, wisdom" in Arabic.
NUKA   m & f   Native American, Greenlandic
Means "younger sibling" in Greenlandic.
NUMITOR   m   Roman Mythology
Meaning unknown... [more]
NUÑO   m   Medieval Spanish
Spanish form of NUNO.
NUNO   m   Portuguese, Medieval Portuguese
Medieval Portuguese and Spanish name, possibly from Latin nonus "ninth" or nunnus "grandfather"... [more]
NUNZIA   f   Italian
Short form of ANNUNZIATA.
NUNZIATINA   f   Italian
Diminutive of NUNZIA.
NUNZIO   m   Italian
Masculine short form of ANNUNZIATA... [more]
NUR   f & m   Arabic, Turkish, Pakistani, Urdu, Uyghur, Indonesian, Malay
Means "light" in Arabic... [more]
NURA   f   Arabic
Strictly feminine form of NUR.
NUR AD-DIN   m   Arabic
Means "light of religion", from Arabic نور (nur) meaning "light" combined with دين (din) "religion, faith".
NURASYL   m   Kazakh
Means "noble light" in Kazakh.
NURAY   f   Turkish
Means "bright moon" in Turkish.
NURETTİN   m   Turkish
Turkish form of NUR AD-DIN.
NURGÜL   f   Turkish
Means "radiant rose" in Turkish.
NÚRIA   f   Catalan, Portuguese
From a Catalan title of the Virgin Mary, Nostra Senyora de Núria, meaning "Our Lady of Nuria"... [more]
NURIA   f   Spanish
Spanish form of NÚRIA.
NURISLAM   m   Kazakh
From Kazakh nur meaning "light" (of Arabic origin) combined with Islam, the name of the religion (ultimately from Arabic إسلام).
NURIT   f   Hebrew
Means "buttercup flower" in Hebrew (genus Ranunculus).
NURTEN   f   Turkish
Means "radiant skin" in Turkish.
NURU   f   Eastern African, Swahili
Means "light" in Swahili, ultimately from Arabic نور (nur).
NURUDDIN   m   Arabic
Variant transcription of NUR AD-DIN.
NURUL   m & f   Arabic, Indonesian, Malay
First part of compound Arabic names beginning with نور ال (Nur al) meaning "light of the" (such as نور الدين (Nur al-Din) "light of religion").
NURULLAH   m   Arabic, Turkish
Means "light of ALLAH", from Arabic نور (nur) meaning "light" combined with الله (Allah).
NURZHAN   m   Kazakh
Means "light soul" in Kazakh.
NWANNEKA   f   Western African, Igbo
Means "my siblings are supreme" in Igbo.
NYAH   f   Eastern African, Swahili
Variant of NIA (2).
NYALA   f   Various
From the name of a type of African antelope, ultimately derived from the Bantu word nyálà.
NYARAI   f   Southern African, Shona
Means "be humble" in Shona.
NYAZIK   f   Turkmen
Means "graceful" in Turkmen.
NYDIA   f   English (Rare), Spanish, Literature
Used by British author Edward Bulwer-Lytton for a blind flower-seller in his novel 'The Last Days of Pompeii' (1834)... [more]
NYE   m   Welsh
Diminutive of ANEIRIN.
NYMPHODORA   f   Ancient Greek
Derived from Greek νυμφη (nymphe) "bride, nymph" and δωρον (doron) "gift"... [more]
NYNKE   f   Frisian
Frisian diminutive of KATHERINE.
NYNNIAW   m   Ancient Celtic
Meaning unknown, presumably of Welsh origin... [more]
NYOMAN   m & f   Indonesian, Balinese
Possibly from a Balinese word meaning "end, remainder"... [more]
NYREE   f   English (New Zealand)
Anglicized form of NGAIRE... [more]
NYSSA   f   Various
From the name of an ancient town of Asia Minor where Saint Gregory was bishop... [more]
NYX   f   Greek Mythology
Means "night" in Greek... [more]
NYYRIKKI   m   Finnish Mythology
Meaning unknown... [more]

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