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PRISKILLA   f   Biblical Greek
Form of PRISCILLA used in the Greek New Testament.
PRISSY   f   English
Diminutive of PRISCILLA
PRITBOR   m   Medieval Slavic
Earlier Slavic form of PREBEN
PRITHA   f   Indian, Hinduism
Means "the palm of the hand" in Sanskrit... [more]
PRITI   f   Indian
Means "pleasure, joy, love" in Sanskrit.
PRIYA   f   Indian, Hinduism
Means "beloved" in Sanskrit... [more]
PROCHORUS   m   Biblical, Biblical Latin
Latinized form of the Greek name Προχορος (Prochoros) which meant "leader of the dance"... [more]
PROINSIAS   m   Irish
Irish form of FRANCIS
PROKHOR   m   Russian
Russian form of PROCHORUS
PROKOPIOS   m   Ancient Greek
Derived from Greek προκοπη (prokope) "progress, advance"... [more]
PROKOPIS   m   Greek
Modern Greek form of PROKOPIOS
PROKOPIY   m   Russian
Russian form of PROKOPIOS
PROKOPY   m   Russian
Variant transcription of PROKOPIY
PROMETHEUS   m   Greek Mythology
Derived from Greek προμηθεια (prometheia) meaning "foresight, forethought"... [more]
PROSERPINA   f   Roman Mythology
Means "to emerge" in Latin... [more]
PROSPER   m   French, English
From the Latin name Prosperus, which meant "fortunate, successful"... [more]
PROSPERO   m   Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of PROSPER... [more]
PROSPERUS   m   Late Roman
Latin form of PROSPER
PROTEUS   m   Greek Mythology
Derived from Greek πρωτος (protos) meaning "first"... [more]
PRU   f   English
Short form of PRUDENCE
PRUDENCE   f & m   English, French
Medieval English form of Prudentia, the feminine form of PRUDENTIUS... [more]
PRUDENCIA   f   Spanish
Spanish feminine form of PRUDENTIUS
PRUDENCIO   m   Spanish
Spanish form of PRUDENTIUS
PRUDENTIA   f   Late Roman
Feminine form of PRUDENTIUS
PRUDENTIUS   m   Late Roman
Late Latin name derived from prudens "prudence, good judgement"... [more]
PRUDENZIO   m   Italian
Italian form of PRUDENTIUS
PRUE   f   English
Short form of PRUDENCE
PRUNELLA   f   English (Rare)
From the English word for the type of flower, also called self-heal, ultimately a derivative of the Latin word pruna "plum".
PRYCE   m   Welsh
Variant of PRICE
PRYDERI   m   Welsh, Welsh Mythology
Means "care" in Welsh... [more]
PRZEMEK   m   Polish
Diminutive of PRZEMYSŁAW
PRZEMKO   m   Polish
Diminutive of PRZEMYSŁAW
PRZEMO   m   Polish
Diminutive of PRZEMYSŁAW
PRZEMYSŁ   m   Polish
From an old Slavic name which meant "trick, stratagem"... [more]
PRZEMYSŁAW   m   Polish
From a Slavic name meaning "thought and glory".
PSYCHE   f   Greek Mythology
Means "the soul", derived from Greek ψυχω (psycho) "to breathe"... [more]
PTAH   m   Egyptian Mythology
Possibly means "opener" in Egyptian... [more]
PTOLEMAIOS   m   Ancient Greek
Greek form of PTOLEMY
PTOLEMAIS   f   Ancient Greek
Feminine form of Ptolemaios (see PTOLEMY).
PTOLEMY   m   History
From the Greek name Πτολεμαιος (Ptolemaios), derived from Greek πολεμηιος (polemeios) meaning "aggressive" or "warlike"... [more]
PUBLIUS   m   Ancient Roman
Roman praenomen, or given name, meaning "public" in Latin.
PUCK   m & f   Anglo-Saxon Mythology, Dutch
Meaning unknown, from Old English puca... [more]
PUNIT   m   Indian
Means "cleaned, purified" in Sanskrit.
PURDIE   m & f   English (Rare)
From an English surname which was derived from the Norman French expression pur die "by God"... [more]
PURNAMA   m   Indonesian
Means "full moon" in Javanese, ultimately from Sanskrit.
PURNIMA   f   Indian
Means "full moon" in Sanskrit.
PURUSHOTTAM   m   Indian
Modern transcription of PURUSHOTTAMA
PURUSHOTTAMA   m   Indian, Hinduism
Means "the best man" from Sanskrit पुरुष (purusha) "man" and उत्तम (uttama) "highest"... [more]
PUSHPA   f   Indian
Means "flower" in Sanskrit.
PUTRA   m   Indonesian
Means "son" in Indonesian, ultimately from Sanskrit.
PUTRI   f   Indonesian
Means "daughter, princess" in Indonesian, ultimately from Sanskrit.
PYLYP   m   Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of PHILIP
PYOTR   m   Russian
Russian form of PETER... [more]
PYRRHUS   m   Greek Mythology (Latinized), Ancient Greek (Latinized)
From the Greek name Πυρρος (Pyrros) which meant "flame-coloured, red", related to πυρ (pyr) "fire"... [more]
PYRY   m   Finnish
Means "snowstorm, blizzard" in Finnish.
PYTHAGORAS   m   Ancient Greek
Derived from Greek Πυθιος (Pythios), a name of Apollo, and αγορα (agora) "market"... [more]

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