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This is a list of names in which the meaning contains the keywords dragon or snake or serpent.
There are 11 names matching your criteria.

BELINDA   f   English
The meaning of this name is not known for certain... [more]
DRACO   m   Ancient Greek (Latinized)
From the Greek name Δρακων (Drakon) which meant "dragon, serpent"... [more]
DRAKE   m   English
From an English surname derived from the Old Norse given name Draki or the Old English given name Draca both meaning "dragon".
ETHELINDA   f   English (Archaic)
Medieval form of the Old English name Æðelind, derived from the elements æðel "noble" and lindi "snake"... [more]
NAGENDRA   m   Indian
Means "lord of snakes" from Sanskrit नाग (naga) meaning "snake" (also "elephant") combined with the name of the Hindu god INDRA, used here to mean "lord"... [more]
OPHIUCHUS   m   Astronomy
Means "serpent bearer" in Greek... [more]
PHINEHAS   m   Biblical
Probably means "Nubian" from the Egyptian name Panhsj, though some believe it means "serpent's mouth" in Hebrew... [more]
QUETZALCOATL   m   Aztec and Toltec Mythology
Means "feathered snake" in Nahuatl, derived from quetzalli "feather" and coatl "snake"... [more]
RYUU   m   Japanese
From Japanese or which both mean "dragon".
RYUUNOSUKE   m   Japanese
From Japanese 龍 (ryuu) "dragon" or 隆 (ryuu) "noble, prosperous" combined with 之 (no) "of" and 介 (suke) "forerunner, herald".
TANITH   f   Near Eastern Mythology
Derived from Semitic roots meaning "serpent lady"... [more]