Names with "star" in Meaning

This is a list of names in which the meaning contains the keyword star.
There are 44 names matching your criteria.

AHTAHKAKOOP   m   Native American, Cree
Means "star blanket" in Cree... [more]
ASTRA   f   English (Rare)
Means "star", ultimately from Greek αστηρ (aster)... [more]
ASTRAEA   f   Greek Mythology (Latinized)
Latinized form of the Greek Αστραια (Astraia), derived from Greek αστηρ (aster) meaning "star"... [more]
ASTROPHEL   m   Literature
Probably intended to mean "star lover", from Greek αστηρ (aster) "star" and φιλος (philos) "lover, friend"... [more]
BITUIN   f   Tagalog
Means "star" in Tagalog.
CITLALI   f & m   Native American, Nahuatl
Means "star" in Nahuatl.
CSILLA   f   Hungarian
Derived from Hungarian csillag meaning "star"... [more]
DANICA   f   Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Slovak, Czech, Macedonian, English
From a Slavic word meaning "morning star, Venus"... [more]
DARA (2)   f & m   Khmer
Means "star" in Khmer, ultimately from Sanskrit.
DZVEZDA   f   Macedonian
Means "star" in Macedonian.
ELANOR   f   Literature
Means "star sun" in Sindarin... [more]
ELROND   m   Literature
Means "star dome" in Sindarin... [more]
ESTELLE   f   English, French
From an Old French name which was derived from Latin stella, meaning "star"... [more]
ESTHER   f   English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Jewish, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek
Possibly means "star" in Persian... [more]
ESTRELLA   f   Spanish
Spanish form of STELLA, coinciding with the Spanish word meaning "star".
HOKULANI   f   Hawaiian
Means "heavenly star" from Hawaiian hōkū "star" and lani "heaven, sky, royal, majesty".
HOSHI   f   Japanese
From Japanese (hoshi) meaning "star" or other kanji with the same pronunciation.
HOSHIKO   f   Japanese
From Japanese (hoshi) meaning "star" and (ko) meaning "child"... [more]
ITRI   m   Northern African, Berber
Means "star" in Tamazight.
IZAR   f   Basque
Means "star" in Basque.
MARIS   f   English (Rare)
Means "of the sea", taken from the Latin title of the Virgin Mary, Stella Maris, meaning "star of the sea".
MARISTELA   f   Spanish, Portuguese
From the title of the Virgin Mary, Stella Maris, meaning "star of the sea" in Latin... [more]
NTHANDA   m & f   Southern African, Tumbuka
Means "star" in Tumbuka.
ODTSETSEG   f   Mongolian
Means "star flower" in Mongolian.
SEONG-JIN   m   Korean
From Sino-Korean (seong) meaning "completed, finished, succeeded" or (seong) meaning "star, planet" combined with (jin) meaning "town, marketplace" or (jin) meaning "shake, tremor, excite"... [more]
SEREN   f   Welsh
Means "star" in Welsh.
SHIHAB   m   Arabic
Means "shooting star, meteor" in Arabic.
SITARA   f   Indian
Means "star" in Hindi.
STAR   f   English
From the English word for the celestial body, ultimately from Old English steorra.
STELA   f   Romanian
Derived from Latin stella meaning "star".
STELLA   f   English, Italian
Means "star" in Latin... [more]
STEREN   f   Cornish
Means "star" in Cornish.
STERLING   m   English
From a Scottish surname which was derived from city of Stirling, which is itself of unknown meaning... [more]
STERRE   f   Dutch
Derived from Dutch ster meaning "star".
TÄHTI   f   Finnish (Rare)
Means "star" in Finnish.
TARA (2)   f   Indian, Hinduism
Means "star" in Sanskrit... [more]
TWILA   f   English
Meaning unknown... [more]
ULLORIAQ   f   Native American, Greenlandic
Means "star" in Greenlandic.
WHETU   f   Maori
Means "star" in Maori.
YILDIZ   f   Turkish
Means "star" in Turkish.
YLLI   m   Albanian
Derived from Albanian yll meaning "star".
YULDUZ   f   Uzbek
Means "star" in Uzbek.
ZORNITSA   f   Bulgarian
Means "morning star" in Bulgarian.
ZVJEZDANA   f   Croatian
Derived from Croatian zvijezda meaning "star".