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This is a list of names in which the meaning contains the keywords violet or purple.
There are 15 names matching your criteria.

BÍBORKA   f   Hungarian
Derived from Hungarian bíbor meaning "purple".
BORA (3)   f   Korean
Means "purple" in Korean.
CALFURAY   f   Native American, Mapuche
Means "violet (flower)" in Mapuche.
IANTHE   f   Greek Mythology
Means "violet flower", derived from Greek ιον (ion) "violet" and ανθος (anthos) "flower"... [more]
IBOLYA   f   Hungarian
Means "violet" in Hungarian.
IOLANTHE   f   Various
Probably a variant of YOLANDA influenced by the Greek words ιολη (iole) "violet" and ανθος (anthos) "flower"... [more]
IOLE   f   Greek Mythology
Means "violet" in Greek... [more]
IONE   f   Greek Mythology, English
From Greek ιον (ion) meaning "violet flower"... [more]
LJUBICA   f   Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian, Slovene
From the Slavic element lyuby meaning "love" combined with a diminutive suffix... [more]
PORFIRIO   m   Italian, Spanish
Derived from the Greek name Πορφυριος (Porphyrios), which was derived from the word πορφυρα (porphyra) meaning "purple dye"... [more]
SIGAL   f   Hebrew
Means "purple, violet" in Hebrew.
SIGALIT   f   Hebrew
Means "violet flower" in Hebrew.
VIOLA   f   English, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
Means "violet" in Latin... [more]
VIOLET   f   English
From the English word violet for the purple flower, ultimately derived from Latin viola... [more]
YOLANDA   f   Spanish, English
From the medieval French name Yolande, which was possibly a form of the name Violante, which was itself a derivative of Latin viola "violet"... [more]