Names with "yellow" in Meaning

This is a list of names in which the meaning contains the keyword yellow.
There are 7 names matching your criteria.

BLAINE   m   English
From a Scottish surname which was derived from the given name Bláán, which meant "yellow" in Gaelic... [more]
FLAVIUS   m   Ancient Roman
Roman family name which meant "golden" or "yellow-haired" from Latin flavus "yellow, golden"... [more]
FULVIO   m   Italian
Italian form of the Roman family name Fulvius, which was derived from Latin fulvus "yellow, tawny".
HARI   m   Indian, Hinduism
Means "brown, yellow, tawny" in Sanskrit, and by extension "monkey, horse, lion"... [more]
PITAMBARA   m   Indian, Hinduism
Means "yellow garments", derived from Sanskrit पीत (pita) "yellow" and अम्बर (ambara) "garment"... [more]
XANTHE   f   Greek Mythology, Ancient Greek
Derived from Greek ξανθος (xanthos) meaning "yellow" or "fair hair"... [more]
XANTHIPPOS   m   Ancient Greek
From the Greek elements ξανθος (xanthos) "yellow" and ‘ιππος (hippos) "horse"... [more]