Names with Relationship "influenced by sound"

This is a list of names in which the relationship is influenced by sound.
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ALAINA   f   English (Modern)
Variant of ALANA, probably influenced by ELAINE.
AMBERLY   f   English (Modern)
Elaboration of AMBER, influenced by the spelling of the name KIMBERLY.
ANIYA   f   English (Modern)
Modern name, possibly based on ANYA or AALIYAH.
ANIYAH   f   English (Modern)
Variant of ANIYA.
ANNABEL   f   English, Dutch
Variant of AMABEL influenced by the name ANNA. This name appears to have arisen in Scotland in the Middle Ages.
CHARMAINE   f   English
Meaning unknown, perhaps a combination of CHARMIAN or the English word charm with the aine suffix from LORRAINE. It was (first?) used for a character in the play 'What Price Glory' (1924), which was made into a popular movie in 1926.
CHERYL   f   English
Elaboration of CHERIE, perhaps influenced by BERYL. This name was not used before the 20th century.
JANESSA   f   English (Modern)
Elaborated form of JANE, influenced by VANESSA.
JANNAH   f   English (Rare)
Variant of JANNA, influenced by HANNAH.
JEHOVAH   m   Theology
Form of YAHWEH used in older translations of the Bible, produced by blending the letters of the tetragrammaton with the vowels from ADONAI.
KIERRA   f   English (Modern)
Variant of KIARA influenced by the spelling of SIERRA.
LAURAINE   f   English (Rare)
Variant of LORRAINE influenced by the spelling of LAURA.
MAËLYS   f   French
Feminine form of MAËL, possibly influenced by the spelling of MAILYS.
MALACHY   m   Irish
Anglicized form of MÁEL SECHNAILL or MÁEL MÁEDÓC, influenced by the spelling of MALACHI. Saint Malachy (in Irish, Máel Máedóc) was a 12th-century archbishop of Armagh renowned for his miracles.
MARIEL   f   English
Diminutive of MARY influenced by MURIEL. In the case of actress Mariel Hemingway (1961-), the name is from the Cuban town of Mariel.
MERYL   f   English
Variant of MURIEL, influenced by the spelling of the name CHERYL. A famous bearer is American actress Meryl Streep (1949-), whose real name is Mary Louise Streep.
ODELIA (2)   f   Hebrew
Means "I will thank YAHWEH" in Hebrew. This is a modern Hebrew name probably inspired by ODELIA (1).
RACHELLE   f   English
Variant of RACHEL influenced by the spelling of ROCHELLE.
REGANA   f   English (Rare)
Elaboration of REGAN, influenced by REGINA.
REXANA   f   English (Rare)
Variant of REXANNE.
REXANNE   f   English (Rare)
Variant of ROXANE influenced by REX.
RICHELLE   f   English
Feminine form of RICHARD using the popular suffix elle, probably influenced by the sound of MICHELLE.
SALENA   f   English (Modern)
Perhaps an invented name based on similar-sounding names such as SELINA.
SALINA   f   English
Perhaps an invented name based on similar-sounding names such as SELINA.
SHAYLA   f   English
Variant of SHEILA, influenced by the spelling and sound of KAYLA.
SIMON (1)   m   English, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Dutch, Hungarian, Slovene, Romanian, Macedonian, Georgian, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek
From Σιμων (Simon), the New Testament Greek form of the Hebrew name שִׁמְעוֹן (Shim'on) which meant "he has heard". This name is spelled Simeon, based on Greek Συμεων, in many translations of the Old Testament, where it is borne by the second son of Jacob. The New Testament spelling may show influence from the otherwise unrelated Greek name SIMON (2).... [more]
STELLA (2)   f   Greek
Diminutive of STYLIANI, with the spelling influenced by that of STELLA (1).
TANIKA   f   African American
Invented name, probably modeled on TAMIKA and influenced by TANYA.
TANIQUA   f   African American (Rare)
Combination of the popular name element Tan (from names such as TANYA) and the common name suffix qua.
TANISHA   f   African American
Combination of the popular name element Tan (from names such as TANYA) and the common name suffix sha.
TAYLA   f   English (Modern)
Probably a feminine form of TAYLOR influenced by similar-sounding names such as KAYLA.
TONYA   f   English, Russian
English diminutive of ANTONIA or a Russian diminutive of ANTONINA. In the English-speaking world its use has likely been positively influenced by the name TANYA.
TYRESE   m   African American (Modern)
An invented name based on the popular name syllable Tyr (from names such as TYRONE).
VELMA   f   English
Probably a variant of WILMA, the spelling with an e perhaps due to the influence of SELMA. This name has been in use since the 19th century.
VIONA   f   English (Rare)
Possibly a variant of FIONA influenced by VIOLA.
WINIFRED   f   Welsh, English
Anglicized form of GWENFREWI, the spelling altered by association with WINFRED. It became used in England in the 16th century.
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