Names with Relationship "variant"

This is a list of names in which the relationship is variant.
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Variant of KEAN.
KEIGHLEYfEnglish (Rare)
From a surname which was derived from an English place name, ultimately meaning "clearing belonging to Cyhha". The Old English given name Cyhha is of unknown meaning. This name also serves as a variant of KAYLEE.
KELLEYf & mEnglish
Variant of KELLY.
Variant of KELLY.
Variant of KELLY.
Feminine variant of KERRY.
Feminine variant of KERRY.
Feminine variant of KERRY.
KERSTINfSwedish, German
Swedish form of CHRISTINA.
KESHIAfAfrican American
Probably a variant of KEISHA.
Variant of KEVIN.
KEVYNm & fEnglish (Rare)
Variant or feminine form of KEVIN.
KIERRAfEnglish (Modern)
Variant of KIARA influenced by the spelling of SIERRA.
Variant of KYLIE.
KIRSTENfDanish, Norwegian, English
Danish and Norwegian form of CHRISTINA.
Danish form of CHRISTINA.
KISHANmIndian, Hindi, Gujarati
Possibly a variant of KRISHNA.
KJERSTINfNorwegian, Swedish
Swedish and Norwegian and Swedish form of CHRISTINA.
German variant of CORA.
Variant of COREY.
Variant of COREY.
KOSTADINmBulgarian, Macedonian
Bulgarian and Macedonian variant of KONSTANTIN.
Danish variant of CHRISTIAN.
KRISm & fEnglish, Danish
Short form of KRISTIAN, KRISTOFFER, and other names beginning with Kris.
KRISTINEfNorwegian, Danish, Swedish, English, German
Scandinavian form of CHRISTINE, as well as an English and German variant.
Variant of CURTIS.
Variant of KYLIE.
Variant of KIRA (2), sometimes considered a feminine form of CYRUS.
Variant of KIERAN.
LACI (2)fEnglish
Variant of LACY.
LADISLAVmCzech, Slovak, Slovene, Croatian
Czech, Slovak, Slovene and Croatian form of VLADISLAV.
Sami variant form of HELGA.
Finnish form of LAURENCE (1).
LAURAINEfEnglish (Rare)
Variant of LORRAINE influenced by the spelling of LAURA.
LAURENf & mEnglish
Variant or feminine form of LAURENCE (1). Originally a masculine name, it was first popularized as a feminine name by actress Betty Jean Perske (1924-), who used Lauren Bacall as her stage name.
LAVERNm & fEnglish
Variant of LAVERNE.
Variant of LANE.
Probably this was originally a variant of LIANA. It is now often considered a combination of LEE and ANNA.
Variant of LISA.
LEIAfBiblical Greek, Popular Culture
Form of LEAH used in the Greek Old Testament. This is the name of a princess in the 'Star Wars' movies by George Lucas, who probably based it on Leah.
Possibly a variant of LIBERIUS, or possibly a Latinized form of a Gaulish name. Saint Liborius was a 4th-century bishop of Le Mans.
Dutch variant of ELISABETH.
Dutch form of ELIZABETH.
LILLIfGerman, Finnish
German variant of LILI and a Finnish variant of LILJA.
Variant of LILY.
LILLYfEnglish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish
English variant of LILY. It is also used in Scandinavia, as a form of LILY or a diminutive of ELISABETH.
LIMm & fChinese
Hokkien Chinese form of LIN.
LINNETfEnglish (Rare)
Either a variant of LYNETTE or else from the name of the small bird, a type of finch.
LIRmIrish Mythology (Anglicized)
Variant of LER based on the genitive case of the name.
Variant of LIVNA.
LLEWmWelsh, Welsh Mythology
Variant of LLEU. It can also be a short form of LLEWELYN. It coincides with the Welsh word llew meaning "lion".
Variant of LLYWELYN influenced by the Welsh word llew "lion".
Variant of LOMMÁN.
LORAfEnglish, Italian
Variant of LAURA. It is also used as an Italian diminutive of ELEONORA or LOREDANA.
Variant of LORE (2).
LORENm & fEnglish
Either a short form of LAURENCE (1) (masculine) or a variant of LAUREN (feminine).
LORENA (2)fEnglish
Latinized form of LAUREN. This name was first brought to public attention in America by the song 'Lorena' (1856), written by Joseph Webster, who was said to have created the name as an anagram of LENORE (from the character in Poe's poem 'The Raven').
Variant of LORETO.
LORETTAfEnglish, Italian
Either an elaboration of LORA or a variant of LAURETTA. It is also sometimes used as a variant of LORETO.
Either a diminutive of LORA or a variant of LORETO.
English form of LOTHAR.
LOUHIfFinnish Mythology
Variant of LOVIATAR. In Finnish mythology Louhi was another name of the death goddess Loviatar. She appears in the Finnish epic the 'Kalevala' as a witch ruling the northern area known as Pohjola. She is the primary antagonist to the hero Väinämöinen.
Variant of LLOYD.
Either a combination of LOU and ANN or a variant of LUANA. It was popularized in the 1950s by the singer Lu Ann Simms (1933-2003).
LUANNAfEnglish (Rare)
Either a combination of LOU and ANNA or a variant of LUANA.
Variant of LUANN.
LUCEfItalian, French
Italian and French variant of LUCIA. This also means "light" in Italian.
Variant of ŁUCJA.
Perhaps a variant of LYDIA.
Variant of LEILA.
Variant of LILOU.
Variant of LYNN.
Variant of LINDA.
LYNNAfEnglish (Rare)
Elaborated form of LYNN.
Variant of LYNN.
Variant of LISANNE.
Variant of MABEL. It also coincides with the French phrase ma belle meaning "my beautiful".
Variant of MABEL.
Variant of MACY.
MADELINEfEnglish, French
English form of MAGDALENE. This is the name of the heroine in a series of children's books by Ludwig Bemelmans, first published 1939.
Variant of MADOC.
MAËLmFrench, Breton
French form of Breton Mael, which was derived from a Celtic word meaning "chief" or "prince". Saint Mael was a 5th-century Breton hermit who lived in Wales.
MAËLLEfFrench, Breton
French feminine form of MAËL.
Variant of MAGALI.
Modern form of MAGNI as well as a variant of MAGNUS.
MAGOMEDmAvar (Russified), Chechen (Russified)
Russian form of MUHAMMAD, used particularly in the Caucasus.
MAGOMETmAvar (Russified), Chechen (Russified)
Russian form of MUHAMMAD, used particularly in the Caucasus.
Variant of MAHALAH or MAHALATH. It has occasionally been used as an English Christian name since the Protestant Reformation.
Possibly inspired by MAGDALENA. The Czech author Julius Zeyer created it for a character in his play 'Radúz and Mahulena' (1898).
Variant of MAYLIS.
MANOELmPortuguese (Brazilian)
Portuguese variant form of EMMANUEL.
MARA (2)fHungarian, Croatian, Serbian
Hungarian variant of MÁRIA, and a Croatian and Serbian variant of MARIJA.
Latinate form of MARGARET.
Variant of MARGOT influenced by the name of the wine-producing French town. It was borne by Margaux Hemingway (1954-1996), granddaughter of author Ernest Hemingway, who had it changed from Margot.
MARGREETfLimburgish, Dutch
Limburgish form of MARGARET and a Dutch variant of MARGRIET.
Variant of MARIA. It is usually pronounced in a way that reflects an older English pronunciation of Maria. The name was popularized in the early 1990s by the American singer Mariah Carey (1970-).
From Μαριαμη (Mariame), the form of MARIA used by the historian Josephus when referring to the wife of King Herod.
MARIAN (1)fEnglish
Variant of MARION (1). This name was borne in English legend by Maid Marian, Robin Hood's love. It is sometimes considered a combination of MARY and ANN.
MARILOUfFrench, English, Dutch
Combination of MARIA and LOUISE.
Either a diminutive of MARY or a variant of MIRANDA.
MARITfSwedish, Norwegian
Swedish and Norwegian form of MARGARET.
MARITA (2)fSwedish, Norwegian
Scandinavian form of MARGARET.
MARJAN (1)fDutch
Dutch form of MARIANNE.
Medieval variant of MARGERY, influenced by the name of the herb marjoram. After the Middle Ages this name was rare, but it was revived at the end of the 19th century.
MARLEENfDutch, English
Dutch form and English variant of MARLENE.
MARLENAfEnglish, Polish
Latinate form of MARLENE.
Possibly a variant of MERLIN.
Variant of MARNIE.
MARQUISEmAfrican American (Modern)
Variant of MARQUIS. Technically, marquise is the feminine form of the title marquis.
Variant of MARCIA.
MARZANNA (1)fPolish
Probably a Polish variant of MARIANNA.
Slovene variant form of MATTHIAS.
MATTHIASmGerman, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, French, Dutch, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek
Variant of Matthaios (see MATTHEW) which appears in the New Testament as the name of the apostle chosen to replace the traitor Judas Iscariot. This was also the name of kings of Hungary, including Matthias I who made important reforms to the kingdom in the 15th century.
MAUDfEnglish, French, Dutch
Usual medieval form of MATILDA. Though it became rare after the 14th century, it was revived and once more grew popular in the 19th century, perhaps due to Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem 'Maud' (1855).
Variant of MAUD.
Possibly a variant of MAMIE.
Variant of MEGAN.
Variant of MEGAN.
Variant of MEGAN.
MELITTAfAncient Greek, German
Ancient Attic Greek variant of MELISSA.
Variant of MELVIN.
MERCIAfEnglish (Rare)
Latinate form of MERCY. This was also the name of an old Anglo-Saxon kingdom, though it has a different origin.
MERIT (1)mEnglish (Rare)
Either a variant of MERRITT or else simply from the English word merit, ultimately from Latin meritus "deserving".
MERLEf & mEnglish
Variant of MERRILL or MURIEL. The spelling has been influenced by the word merle meaning "blackbird" (via French, from Latin merula).
MERLYNm & fEnglish
Variant of MERLIN, sometimes used as a feminine form. It has perhaps been influenced by the Welsh word merlyn meaning "pony".
Variant of MEIRION.
Variant of MURIEL, influenced by the spelling of the name CHERYL. A famous bearer is American actress Meryl Streep (1949-), whose real name is Mary Louise Streep.
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