Names Categorized "godfather characters"

This is a list of names in which the categories include godfather characters.
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APOLLONIA   f   Ancient Greek, Italian
Feminine form of APOLLONIOS. This was the name of a 3rd-century saint and martyr from Alexandria.
CONNIE   f & m   English
Diminutive of CONSTANCE and other names beginning with Con. It is occasionally a masculine name, a diminutive of CORNELIUS or CONRAD.
FREDO   m   Italian (Rare)
KAY (1)   f   English
Short form of KATHERINE and other names beginning with K.
LUCA (1)   m   Italian, Romanian, German
Italian and Romanian form of LUKE. This name was borne by Luca della Robbia, a Renaissance sculptor from Florence.
MICHAEL   m   English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek
From the Hebrew name מִיכָאֵל (Mikha'el) meaning "who is like God?". This is a rhetorical question, implying no person is like God. Michael is one of the seven archangels in Hebrew tradition and the only one identified as an archangel in the Bible. In the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament he is named as a protector of Israel. In the Book of Revelation in the New Testament he is portrayed as the leader of heaven's armies in the war against Satan, and is thus considered the patron saint of soldiers in Christianity.... [more]
MOE (1)   m   English
Short form of MAURICE or MORRIS, or sometimes of other names beginning with a similar sound.
SANTINO   m   Italian
Diminutive of SANTO.
SONNY   m   English
From a nickname which is commonly used to denote a young boy, derived from the English word son.
TOM (1)   m   English, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish
Short form of THOMAS. Tom Sawyer was the main character in several of Mark Twain's novels, first appearing in 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer' (1876). Other famous bearers include American actors Tom Hanks (1956-) and Tom Cruise (1962-).
VITO   m   Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of VITUS.
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