Names Categorized "gold"

This is a list of names in which the categories include gold.
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ALTANSARNAI   f   Mongolian
Means "golden rose" in Mongolian.
ALTANTSETSEG   f   Mongolian
Means "golden flower" in Mongolian.
AURELIUS   m   Ancient Roman
Roman family name which was derived from Latin aureus "golden, gilded". Marcus Aurelius was a 2nd-century Roman emperor and philosophical writer. This was also the name of several early saints.
CHRYSANTA   f   English (Rare)
Shortened form of the word chrysanthemum, the name of a flowering plant, which means "golden flower" in Greek.
CHRYSANTHE   f   Ancient Greek
Feminine form of CHRYSANTHOS.
CHRYSANTHI   f   Greek
Modern Greek feminine form of CHRYSANTHOS.
CHRYSANTHOS   m   Greek, Ancient Greek
Means "golden flower" from Greek χρυσεος (chryseos) "golden" combined with ανθος (anthos) "flower". This name was borne by a semi-legendary 3rd-century Egyptian saint.
CHRYSSA   f   Greek
Feminine form of CHRYSANTHOS.
FLAVIA   f   Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Ancient Roman
Feminine form of FLAVIUS.
FLÁVIO   m   Portuguese
Portuguese form of FLAVIUS.
FLAVIO   m   Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of FLAVIUS.
FLAVIU   m   Romanian
Romanian form of FLAVIUS.
FLAVIUS   m   Ancient Roman
Roman family name which meant "golden" or "yellow-haired" from Latin flavus "yellow, golden". Flavius was the family name of the 1st-century Roman emperors Vespasian, Titus and Domitian. It was used as a personal name by several later emperors, notably by Constantine.
MILLARAY   f   Native American, Mapuche
Means "golden flower" in Mapuche.
NUBIA   f   Various
From the name of the ancient region and kingdom in Africa, south of Egypt. It possibly derives from the Egyptian word nbw meaning "gold".
ORIA   f   Italian
Italian form of the Late Latin name Aurea which was derived from Latin aureus "golden". This was the name of a 3rd-century saint from Ostia (near Rome), as well as an 11th-century Spanish saint.
SAFFRON   f   English (Rare)
From the English word which refers either to a spice, the crocus flower from which it is harvested, or the yellow-orange colour of the spice. It is derived via Old French from Arabic زعفران (za'faran), itself probably from Persian meaning "gold leaves".
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