Names Categorized "nicknames"

This is a list of names in which the categories include nicknames.
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BIFF m English (Rare)
From a nickname that was based on the English word biff, which means "punch, hit, strike".
Possibly derived from a Gaelic word meaning "large-chested".
JAXX m English (Modern)
Short form of JACKSON.
JIM m English
Medieval diminutive of JAMES.
LUCKY m & f English, Indian, Hindi
From a nickname given to a lucky person. It is also sometimes used as a diminutive of LUKE.
PURDIE m & f English (Rare)
From an English surname that was derived from the Norman French expression pur die "by God". It was perhaps originally a nickname for a person who used the oath frequently.
SONNY m English
From a nickname that is commonly used to denote a young boy, derived from the English word son.
TEX m English
From a nickname denoting a person who came from the state of Texas. A famous bearer was the American animator Tex Avery (1908-1980), real name Frederick, who was born in Texas.