Hausa Names

Hausa names are used by the Hausa people of northern Nigeria.
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ABUBAKARmWestern African, Hausa, Fula
Form of ABU BAKR used in Nigeria.
ALHAJImWestern African, Hausa
Means "pilgrim" in Hausa, a derivative of Arabic حَجِّي (hajji) meaning "pilgrimage, hajj".
ALHERIfWestern African, Hausa
Means "grace" in Hausa.
JATAUmWestern African, Hausa
Means "fair-coloured, light" in Hausa.
KYAUTAmWestern African, Hausa
Means "gift" in Hausa.
MUHAMMADUmWestern African, Hausa, Fula
Hausa and Fula form of MUHAMMAD.