Australian Prime Ministers

This list is comprised of Australian Prime Ministers. The position was first created in 1901, when the British colonies in Australia federated to form the Commonwealth of Australia. Like the British office of the same name, the Australian office is not codified in the Australian constitution or law, but merely by political convention.
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NameYearsOther Names
Alfred Deakin1903-1904; 1905-1908; 1909-1910
Andrew Fisher1908-1909; 1910-1913; 1914-1915
Arthur Fadden1941(William)
Ben Chifley1945-1949(Joseph, Benedict)
Billy Hughes1915-1923(William, Morris)
Bob Hawke1983-1991(Robert, James, Lee)
Chris Watson1904(John, Christian)
Earle Page1939(Christmas, Grafton)
Sir Edmund Barton1901-1903
Frank Forde1945(Francis, Michael)
George Reid1904-1905(Houstoun)
Gough Whitlam1972-1975(Edward)
Harold Holt1966-1967(Edward)
James Scullin1929-1932(Henry)
John Curtin1941-1945(Joseph)
John Gorton1968-1971(Grey)
John Howard1996-2007(Winston)
John McEwen1967-1968(Jack)
Joseph Cook1913-1914
Joseph Lyons1932-1939(Aloysius)
Julia Gillard2010-(Eileen)
Kevin Rudd2007-2010(Michael)
Malcolm Fraser1975-1983(John)
Paul Keating1991-1996(John)
Robert Menzies1939-1941; 1949-1966(Gordon)
Stanley Bruce1923-1929(Melbourne)
William McMahon1971-1972
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