Biblical Characters

The Christian Bible is composed of two collections of books. The Old Testament contains the legends, histories, laws and prophecies of the ancient Hebrews, and was written between the 12th and 2nd centuries BC. The language of the Old Testament is Hebrew, and the majority of its names are derived from that tongue. Common elements in these names are el (Michael, Elijah) and jeho-, jo-, -jah, -iah (Joseph, Isaiah), which all refer to the Hebrew God.

The New Testament relates the ministry of Jesus and his early followers, and also includes several epistles (letters) written by Saint Paul and others. It was written in Greek. It includes a variety of Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and Roman names.

There are many different English translations of the Bible. The list of names presented here is based on the Revised English Bible, which drew from the "best available texts of both Testaments", as well as on two great reference works, Nave's Topical Bible and Easton's Bible Dictionary. Though the majority of the list is composed of personal names, a select few place names and personal titles have been included, especially ones which have come into currency as personal names in modern times. Names from the Apocrypha have been excluded.

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Zechariahm31 characters31
Shemaiahm27 characters27
Azariahm21 characters21
Meshullamm21 characters21
Shimeim20 characters20
Maaseiahm18 characters18
Joelm14 characters14
Jonathanm14 characters14
Hananiahm13 characters13
Josephm13 characters13
Malchiahm13 characters13
Shallumm13 characters13
Benaiahm12 characters12
Hashabiahm12 characters12
Johananm12 characters12
Obadiahm12 characters12
Eliezerm11 characters11
Zichrim11 characters11
Jehielm10 characters10
Jeielm10 characters10
Jeshuam10 characters10
Jozabadm10 characters10
Michaelm10 characters10
Nethanelm10 characters10
Seraiahm10 characters10
Shephatiahm10 characters10
Zadokm10 characters10
Amariahm9 characters9
Elamm9 characters9
Elielm9 characters9
Maachahm, f9 characters9
Mattaniahm9 characters9
Shecaniahm9 characters9
Zebadiahm9 characters9
Abijahm, f8 characters8
Adaiahm8 characters8
Banim8 characters8
Elkanahm8 characters8
Hilkiahm8 characters8
Shelemiahm8 characters8
Simonm8 characters8
Ahijahm7 characters7
Eleazarm7 characters7
Eliashibm7 characters7
Hananm7 characters7
Jeremiahm7 characters7
Jerimothm7 characters7
Jerohamm7 characters7
Micahm7 characters7
Pedaiahm7 characters7
Uzzim7 characters7
Zabadm7 characters7
Zaccurm7 characters7
Zerahm7 characters7
Elahm6 characters6
Eliabm6 characters6
Elioenaim6 characters6
Elipheletm6 characters6
Elishamam6 characters6
Ezerm6 characters6
Hananim6 characters6
Harimm6 characters6
Hurm6 characters6
Iddom6 characters6
Ishmaelm6 characters6
Jehohananm6 characters6
Jeshaiahm6 characters6
Joashm6 characters6
Judahm6 characters6
Judasm6 characters6
Malluchm6 characters6
Nathanm6 characters6
Zedekiahm6 characters6
Abihailm, f5 characters5
Abimelechm5 characters5
Ammihudm5 characters5
Asaiahm5 characters5
Asaphm5 characters5
Azarelm5 characters5
Berechiahm5 characters5
Delaiahm5 characters5
Elihum5 characters5
Elnathanm5 characters5
Gedaliahm5 characters5
Geram5 characters5
Hattushm5 characters5
Heberm5 characters5
Immerm5 characters5
Isaiahm5 characters5
Jahathm5 characters5
Jahazielm5 characters5
Jedaiahm5 characters5
Jehoiadam5 characters5
Jehum5 characters5
Jeremoth 5 characters5
Jetherm5 characters5
Jeushm5 characters5
Jobabm5 characters5
Johnm5 characters5
Kishm5 characters5
Manassehm5 characters5
Maryf5 characters5
Mattithiahm5 characters5
Micaiahm5 characters5
Obedm5 characters5
Rehumm5 characters5
Shaphatm5 characters5
Shebam5 characters5
Shebaniahm5 characters5
Uriahm5 characters5
Uzziahm5 characters5
Uzzielm5 characters5
Zimrim5 characters5
Abdonm4 characters4
Akkubm4 characters4
Alexanderm4 characters4
Amasaim4 characters4
Amaziahm4 characters4
Ammielm4 characters4
Amminadabm4 characters4
Amonm4 characters4
Asahelm4 characters4
Azmavethm4 characters4
Azrikamm4 characters4
Baanahm4 characters4
Benjaminm4 characters4
Beriahm4 characters4
Binnuim4 characters4
Eberm4 characters4
Elasahm4 characters4
Eliakimm4 characters4
Elijahm4 characters4
Ethanm4 characters4
Gaiusm4 characters4
Hadadm4 characters4
Hasshubm4 characters4
Herodm4 characters4
Hezekiahm4 characters4
Hodaviahm4 characters4
Ishim4 characters4
Isshiahm4 characters4
Jaazaniahm4 characters4
Jairm4 characters4
Jamesm4 characters4
Jediaelm4 characters4
Jehoshaphatm4 characters4
Joahm4 characters4
Joiaribm4 characters4
Joshuam4 characters4
Kenazm4 characters4
Korah 4 characters4
Meremothm4 characters4
Mijaminm4 characters4
Naamanm4 characters4
Nadabm4 characters4
Nethaniahm4 characters4
Omrim4 characters4
Pelatiahm4 characters4
Pethahiahm4 characters4
Rephaiahm4 characters4
Reuelm4 characters4
Saulm4 characters4
Shammahm4 characters4
Shaphanm4 characters4
Shelomithm, f4 characters4
Shelomothm4 characters4
Shemam4 characters4
Shemariahm4 characters4
Sherebiahm4 characters4
Shimrim4 characters4
Simeonm4 characters4
Timnam, f4 characters4
Uzzam4 characters4
Zabdim4 characters4
Zephaniahm4 characters4
Abdim3 characters3
Abinadabm3 characters3
Adielm3 characters3
Adinm3 characters3
Adonijahm3 characters3
Ahimelechm3 characters3
Ahiom3 characters3
Ahitubm3 characters3
Anahm, f3 characters3
Ananiasm3 characters3
Arahm3 characters3
Aramm3 characters3
Assirm3 characters3
Aterm3 characters3
Athaliahf, m3 characters3
Attaim3 characters3
Azaziahm3 characters3
Azgadm3 characters3
Azrielm3 characters3
Azzurm3 characters3
Baalm3 characters3
Barzillaim3 characters3
Bebaim3 characters3
Belam3 characters3
Ben-Hadadm3 characters3
Bethel?3 places3
Bunnim3 characters3
Calebm3 characters3
Carmim3 characters3
Danielm3 characters3
Dariusm3 characters3
Elonm3 characters3
Ephahm, f3 characters3
Epherm3 characters3
Erm3 characters3
Ezram3 characters3
Gershomm3 characters3
Gileadm3 characters3
Hadoramm3 characters3
Hanunm3 characters3
Haranm3 characters3
Hepherm3 characters3
Hodiahm, f3 characters3
Hosheam3 characters3
Igalm3 characters3
Iram3 characters3
Jachinm3 characters3
Jaminm3 characters3
Jaribm3 characters3
Jehoramm3 characters3
Jehozabadm3 characters3
Jerahmeelm3 characters3
Jeuelm3 characters3
Joabm3 characters3
Jothamm3 characters3
Kemuelm3 characters3
Levim3 characters3
Mattenaim3 characters3
Meraiothm3 characters3
Mesham3 characters3
Meshezabelm3 characters3
Miniaminm3 characters3
Nahashm3 characters3
Nahathm3 characters3
Nehemiahm3 characters3
Obed-Edomm3 characters3
Paseahm3 characters3
Pashhurm3 characters3
Philipm3 characters3
Phinehasm3 characters3
Ramm3 characters3
Reaiahm3 characters3
Rechabm3 characters3
Shammuam3 characters3
Shechem 3 characters3
Shelahm3 characters3
Shimeam3 characters3
Shobalm3 characters3
Shubaelm3 characters3
Tahathm3 characters3
Tamarf3 characters3
Tarshishm3 characters3
Urim3 characters3
Urielm3 characters3
Uzm3 characters3
Zimmahm3 characters3
Zizam3 characters3
Abdam2 characters2
Abielm2 characters2
Abiezerm2 characters2
Abigailf2 characters2
Abiramm2 characters2
Abishuam2 characters2
Absalomm2 characters2
Achbor 2 characters2
Achish 2 characters2
Adahf2 characters2
Adna 2 characters2
Adnah 2 characters2
Adrammelechm2 characters2
Agag 2 characters2
Ahabm2 characters2
Ahasuerusm2 characters2
Ahazm2 characters2
Ahaziahm2 characters2
Ahim2 characters2
Ahiah 2 characters2
Ahiezer 2 characters2
Ahimaaz 2 characters2
Ahiman 2 characters2
Ahinoamf2 characters2
Ahlaim2 characters2
Aiah 2 characters2
Alemeth 2 characters2
Alphaeus 2 characters2
Amasa 2 characters2
Amnonm2 characters2
Amramm2 characters2
Amzi 2 characters2
Anaiah 2 characters2
Anathoth 2 characters2
Ard 2 characters2
Arielm2 characters2
Arioch 2 characters2
Asam2 characters2
Azubahf2 characters2
Baal-Hananm2 characters2
Baana 2 characters2
Baruchm2 characters2
Becher 2 characters2
Bedan 2 characters2
Beeri 2 characters2
Beor 2 characters2
Bethany?2 places2
Bezai 2 characters2
Bezalel 2 characters2
Bigvai 2 characters2
Bilgah 2 characters2
Bilhan 2 characters2
Bukki 2 characters2
Buzm2 characters2
Calcol 2 characters2
Carmel 2 places2
Claudiusm2 characters2
Conaniah 2 characters2
Cush 2 characters2
Cushi 2 characters2
Deborahf2 characters2
Dedan 2 characters2
Demetriusm2 characters2
Dishon 2 characters2
Dodo 2 characters2
Ebed 2 characters2
Edenm2 characters2
Eder 2 characters2
Ehudm2 characters2
Elhanan 2 characters2
Eliada 2 characters2
Eliasaph 2 characters2
Eliehoenai 2 characters2
Eliphaz 2 characters2
Elizaphan 2 characters2
Elzabad 2 characters2
Enochm2 characters2
Ephraimm2 characters2
Erastusm2 characters2
Eshcol 2 characters2
Ezbon 2 characters2
Gadm2 characters2
Galal 2 characters2
Gamalielm2 characters2
Gemariah 2 characters2
Giddel 2 characters2
Gog 2 characters2
Gomerm, f2 characters2
Guni 2 characters2
Hakkoz 2 characters2
Hanniel 2 characters2
Hanokm2 characters2
Hariph 2 characters2
Hashabniah 2 characters2
Hashum 2 characters2
Havilah 2 characters2
Hebronm2 characters2
Heldai 2 characters2
Helez 2 characters2
Heman 2 characters2
Hephzibah 2 characters2
Hermesm2 characters2
Hezir 2 characters2
Hezron 2 characters2
Hiramm2 characters2
Hori 2 characters2
Hoshaiah 2 characters2
Hotham 2 characters2
Imnah 2 characters2
Imri 2 characters2
Ishboshethm2 characters2
Ishmaiah 2 characters2
Ishvi 2 characters2
Ithielm2 characters2
Ithran 2 characters2
Ittai 2 characters2
Jabin 2 characters2
Jaddua 2 characters2
Jakim 2 characters2
Japhia 2 characters2
Jashobeam 2 characters2
Jashub 2 characters2
Jehallelel 2 characters2
Jehdeiah 2 characters2
Jehoahazm2 characters2
Jehoashm2 characters2
Jehoiarib 2 characters2
Jehonathan 2 characters2
Jekamiah 2 characters2
Jephunneh 2 characters2
Jeroboamm2 characters2
Jesusm2 characters2
Jezrahiah 2 characters2
Joha 2 characters2
Joiada 2 characters2
Jonadab 2 characters2
Joramm2 characters2
Joshaphatm2 characters2
Josiahm2 characters2
Kadmiel 2 characters2
Kelub 2 characters2
Kenaanah 2 characters2
Kenaniah 2 characters2
Kolaiah 2 characters2
Kore 2 characters2
Laadan 2 characters2
Lamechm2 characters2
Lazarusm2 characters2
Libni 2 characters2
Luciusm2 characters2
Maaziah 2 characters2
Machir 2 characters2
Mahalalel 2 characters2
Mahalath 2 characters2
Mahath 2 characters2
Mahlah 2 characters2
Mahli 2 characters2
Markm2 characters2
Mattan 2 characters2
Mattathias 2 characters2
Matthat 2 characters2
Mehetabel 2 characters2
Melchi 2 characters2
Mephibosheth 2 characters2
Meshillemoth 2 characters2
Mibsamm2 characters2
Miklothm2 characters2
Milcahf2 characters2
Miriamf2 characters2
Mishael 2 characters2
Mishma 2 characters2
Mithredath 2 characters2
Moza 2 characters2
Naamahf2 characters2
Nahorm2 characters2
Nahumm2 characters2
Neariah 2 characters2
Nebo 2 characters2
Nemuel 2 characters2
Nepheg 2 characters2
Ner 2 characters2
Nergalsarezer 2 characters2
Noadiah 2 characters2
Noahm, f2 characters2
Oded 2 characters2
Oholibamahm, f2 characters2
Ozem 2 characters2
Palti 2 characters2
Pelaiah 2 characters2
Pelet 2 characters2
Peleth 2 characters2
Penuel 2 characters2
Puahf, m2 characters2
Rahabf, m2 characters2
Rehob 2 characters2
Rekem 2 characters2
Rezin 2 characters2
Rimmonm2 characters2
Rufusm2 characters2
Sallu 2 characters2
Salomef2 characters2
Samuelm2 characters2
Segub 2 characters2
Shaaph 2 characters2
Sharezer 2 characters2
Shebna 2 characters2
Shemer 2 characters2
Shemiramoth 2 characters2
Sheva 2 characters2
Shobab 2 characters2
Shua 2 characters2
Shuah 2 characters2
Shuthelah 2 characters2
Sisera 2 characters2
Tabeel 2 characters2
Tahan 2 characters2
Talmai 2 characters2
Temanm2 characters2
Tikvah 2 characters2
Tobiah 2 characters2
Tobijah 2 characters2
Tola 2 characters2
Ulam 2 characters2
Unni 2 characters2
Uthai 2 characters2
Zabbai 2 characters2
Zabdiel 2 characters2
Zerahiah 2 characters2
Zibeon 2 characters2
Ziha 2 characters2
Zillethai 2 characters2
Ziphm2 characters2
Zohar 2 characters2
Zurm2 characters2
Aaronm1 character1
Abaddonm1 character1
Abagtham1 character1
Abdeelm1 character1
Abdielm1 character1
Abednegom1 character1
Abelm1 character1
Abi-Albonm1 character1
Abiasaphm1 character1
Abiatharm1 character1
Abidam1 character1
Abidanm1 character1
Abihum1 character1
Abihudm1 character1
Abimaelm1 character1
Abinoamm1 character1
Abishagf1 character1
Abishaim1 character1
Abishurm1 character1
Abitalf1 character1
Abitubm1 character1
Abiudm1 character1
Abnerm1 character1
Abrahamm1 character1
Achaicusm1 character1
Achanm1 character1
Achimm1 character1
Achsahf1 character1
Adaliam1 character1
Adamm1 character1
Adbeel 1 character1
Addar 1 character1
Addi 1 character1
Adina 1 character1
Adino 1 character1
Adlai 1 character1
Admatha 1 character1
Adoni-Bezekm1 character1
Adonikam 1 character1
Adoniram 1 character1
Adoni-Zedekm1 character1
Adriel 1 character1
Aeneasm1 character1
Agabusm1 character1
Agee 1 character1
Agrippam1 character1
Agur 1 character1
Aharhelm1 character1
Ahasbaim1 character1
Ahban 1 character1
Aherm1 character1
Ahiam 1 character1
Ahianm1 character1
Ahihud 1 character1
Ahikam 1 character1
Ahiludm1 character1
Ahimoth 1 character1
Ahinadabm1 character1
Ahiram1 character1
Ahisamachm1 character1
Ahishaharm1 character1
Ahisharm1 character1
Ahithophelm1 character1
Aholiab 1 character1
Ahumai 1 character1
Ahuzzam 1 character1
Ahuzzath 1 character1
Ahzaim1 character1
Akan 1 character1
Allon 1 character1
Almodad 1 character1
Alvah 1 character1
Alvan 1 character1
Amal 1 character1
Amalek 1 character1
Amashai 1 character1
Amasiah 1 character1
Amittai 1 character1
Amminadib 1 character1
Ammishaddai 1 character1
Ammizabad 1 character1
Amokm1 character1
Amosm1 character1
Amoz 1 character1
Ampliatusm1 character1
Amraphel 1 character1
Anak 1 character1
Anammelech 1 character1
Anan 1 character1
Anani 1 character1
Ananiah 1 character1
Anath 1 character1
Andrewm1 character1
Andronicusm1 character1
Aner 1 character1
Aniam 1 character1
Annaf1 character1
Annas 1 character1
Antipasm1 character1
Antothiah 1 character1
Anub 1 character1
Apellesm1 character1
Aphiah 1 character1
Aphses 1 character1
Apollosm1 character1
Apollyonm1 character1
Apphiaf1 character1
Aquilam1 character1
Arad 1 character1
Aran 1 character1
Araunah 1 character1
Arba 1 character1
Archelausm1 character1
Archippusm1 character1
Arcturus 1 character1
Ardonm1 character1
Areli 1 character1
Aretas 1 character1
Argob 1 character1
Aridai 1 character1
Aridatha 1 character1
Ariehm1 character1
Arisai 1 character1
Aristarchusm1 character1
Aristobulusm1 character1
Armoni 1 character1
Arnan 1 character1
Arodi 1 character1
Arphaxadm1 character1
Artaxerxesm1 character1
Artemasm1 character1
Artemisf1 character1
Arza 1 character1
Asarel 1 character1
Asarelah 1 character1
Asenathf1 character1
Ashbelm1 character1
Asherm1 character1
Ashhur 1 character1
Ashimaf1 character1
Ashkenaz 1 character1
Ashpenaz 1 character1
Ashtorethf1 character1
Ashvath 1 character1
Asiel 1 character1
Asnah 1 character1
Asnapper 1 character1
Aspatha 1 character1
Asriel 1 character1
Asshurm1 character1
Asyncritusm1 character1
Atarahf1 character1
Athaiah 1 character1
Athlai 1 character1
Augustusm1 character1
Azaliah 1 character1
Azaniah 1 character1
Azazm1 character1
Azazelm1 character1
Azbuk 1 character1
Azel 1 character1
Aziel 1 character1
Aziza 1 character1
Azorm1 character1
Azzanm1 character1
Baal-Berithm1 character1
Baali 1 character1
Baalis 1 character1
Baal-Peorm1 character1
Baal-Zebubm1 character1
Baaraf1 character1
Baaseiah 1 character1
Baasham1 character1
Bakbakkar 1 character1
Bakbuk 1 character1
Bakbukiah 1 character1
Balaam 1 character1
Baladan 1 character1
Balak 1 character1
Barabbas 1 character1
Barakm1 character1
Barakel 1 character1
Bariah 1 character1
Barkos 1 character1
Barnabasm1 character1
Bartholomewm1 character1
Bartimaeusm1 character1
Basemathf1 character1
Basmathf1 character1
Bathshebaf1 character1
Bathshuaf1 character1
Bazluth 1 character1
Bealiah 1 character1
Bechorath 1 character1
Bedad 1 character1
Bedeiah 1 character1
Beeliadam1 character1
Beera 1 character1
Beerah 1 character1
Belialm1 character1
Belshazzarm1 character1
Belteshazzarm1 character1
Ben-Abinadabm1 character1
Ben-Ammim1 character1
Ben-Dekarm1 character1
Ben-Geberm1 character1
Ben-Hananm1 character1
Ben-Hayilm1 character1
Ben-Hesedm1 character1
Ben-Hurm1 character1
Beninu 1 character1
Beno 1 character1
Benob 1 character1
Ben-Zohethm1 character1
Bera 1 character1
Beraiah 1 character1
Berakah 1 character1
Bered 1 character1
Beri 1 character1
Bernicef1 character1
Besai 1 character1
Besodeiah 1 character1
Beth?1 place1
Bethuelm1 character1
Beulah?1 place1
Bezer 1 character1
Bichrim1 character1
Bidkar 1 character1
Bigtha 1 character1
Bigthan 1 character1
Bildad 1 character1
Bilgai 1 character1
Bilhah 1 character1
Bilshan 1 character1
Bimhal 1 character1
Binea 1 character1
Birsha 1 character1
Birzaith 1 character1
Bishlam 1 character1
Bithiahf1 character1
Biztha 1 character1
Blastusm1 character1
Boazm1 character1
Bocheru 1 character1
Bukkiah 1 character1
Bunah 1 character1
Buzim1 character1
Caiaphasm1 character1
Cainm1 character1
Cainanm1 character1
Canaanm1 character1
Candacef1 character1
Carcas 1 character1
Carpusm1 character1
Carshena 1 character1
Castorm1 character1
Cheran 1 character1
Chilion 1 character1
Chloe 1 character1
Christm1 title1
Chuza 1 character1
Cileab 1 character1
Claudiaf1 character1
Clementm1 character1
Cleopasm1 character1
Clopasm1 character1
Col-Hozehm1 character1
Corneliusm1 character1
Cosam 1 character1
Cozm1 character1
Cozbif1 character1
Crescensm1 character1
Crispusm1 character1
Cushan-Rishathaimm1 character1
Cyrusm1 character1
Dagon 1 character1
Dalphon 1 character1
Damarisf1 character1
Danm1 character1
Darda 1 character1
Darkon 1 character1
Dathan 1 character1
Davidm1 character1
Debir 1 character1
Delilahf1 character1
Demas 1 character1
Devilm1 title1
Dianaf1 character1
Diblaim 1 character1
Dibri 1 character1
Diklahm1 character1
Dinahf1 character1
Dionysiusm1 character1
Diotrephesm1 character1
Dishan 1 character1
Dodai 1 character1
Dodavahu 1 character1
Doeg 1 character1
Drusillaf1 character1
Dumah 1 character1
Ebal 1 character1
Ebed-Melechm1 character1
Ebenezer 1 place1
Ebiasaph 1 character1
Edom 1 character1
Eglah 1 character1
Eglon 1 character1
Ehi 1 character1
Eker 1 character1
Elm1 character1
Eladah 1 character1
Eldaah 1 character1
Eldad 1 character1
Elead 1 character1
Elim1 character1
Eliahba 1 character1
Eliam 1 character1
Eliathah 1 character1
Elidad 1 character1
Elienai 1 character1
Elihoreph 1 character1
Elika 1 character1
Elimelech 1 character1
Eliphelehu 1 character1
Elisha 1 character1
Elishah 1 character1
Elishaphat 1 character1
Elishebaf1 character1
Elishua 1 character1
Eliudm1 character1
Elizabethf1 character1
Elizur 1 character1
Elmadam 1 character1
Elnaam 1 character1
Elpaal 1 character1
Eluzai 1 character1
Elymasm1 character1
Enan 1 character1
Enoshm1 character1
Epaenetusm1 character1
Epaphrasm1 character1
Epaphroditusm1 character1
Ephai 1 character1
Ephlal 1 character1
Ephod 1 character1
Ephrath 1 character1
Ephron 1 character1
Eran 1 character1
Eri 1 character1
Esarhaddon 1 character1
Esaum1 character1
Eshban 1 character1
Eshek 1 character1
Eshtemoa 1 character1
Eshton 1 character1
Esli 1 character1
Estherf1 character1
Etam 1 character1
Ethbaal 1 character1
Ethnan 1 character1
Ethni 1 character1
Eubulusm1 character1
Eunicef1 character1
Euodiaf1 character1
Eutychusm1 character1
Evef1 character1
Evi 1 character1
Evil-Merodachm1 character1
Ezbai 1 character1
Ezekielm1 character1
Ezrim1 character1
Felixm1 character1
Fortunatusm1 character1
Gaal 1 character1
Gabbai 1 character1
Gabrielm1 character1
Gaddi 1 character1
Gaddiel 1 character1
Gadi 1 character1
Gaham 1 character1
Gahar 1 character1
Gallio 1 character1
Gamul 1 character1
Gareb 1 character1
Gatam 1 character1
Gazez 1 character1
Gazzam 1 character1
Geber 1 character1
Gedor 1 character1
Gehazi 1 character1
Gemalli 1 character1
Genubath 1 character1
Gershonm1 character1
Geshan 1 character1
Geshem 1 character1
Gether 1 character1
Gethsemane 1 place1
Geuel 1 character1
Gibbar 1 character1
Gibea 1 character1
Giddalti 1 character1
Gideonm1 character1
Gideoni 1 character1
Gilalai 1 character1
Ginath 1 character1
Ginnethon 1 character1
Gishpa 1 character1
Goliathm1 character1
Haahashtari 1 character1
Habakkuk 1 character1
Habazziniah 1 character1
Hacaliah 1 character1
Hadadezer 1 character1
Hadlai 1 character1
Hagab 1 character1
Hagabah 1 character1
Hagarf1 character1
Haggaim1 character1
Haggedolim 1 character1
Haggi 1 character1
Haggiah 1 character1
Haggith 1 character1
Hagri 1 character1
Hakkatan 1 character1
Hakupha 1 character1
Hallohesh 1 character1
Hamm1 character1
Haman 1 character1
Hammedatha 1 character1
Hammelech 1 character1
Hammoleketh 1 character1
Hammuel 1 character1
Hamor 1 character1
Hamul 1 character1
Hamutal 1 character1
Hanamel 1 character1
Hannahf1 character1
Happizzez 1 character1
Harbona 1 character1
Hareph 1 character1
Harhaiah 1 character1
Harhas 1 character1
Harhur 1 character1
Harnepher 1 character1
Haroeh 1 character1
Harsha 1 character1
Harum 1 character1
Harumaph 1 character1
Haruz 1 character1
Hasadiah 1 character1
Hashabnah 1 character1
Hashbaddanah 1 character1
Hashem 1 character1
Hashenaah 1 character1
Hashmonah 1 character1
Hashubah 1 character1
Hasrah 1 character1
Hassenuah 1 character1
Hassophereth 1 character1
Hasupha 1 character1
Hathach 1 character1
Hathath 1 character1
Hatipha 1 character1
Hatita 1 character1
Hattil 1 character1
Hazael 1 character1
Hazaiah 1 character1
Hazarmoth 1 character1
Hazelelponi 1 character1
Haziel 1 character1
Hazo 1 character1
Hegai 1 character1
Helah 1 character1
Heled 1 character1
Helek 1 character1
Helem 1 character1
Heli 1 character1
Helkai 1 character1
Helon 1 character1
Hemam 1 character1
Hemath 1 character1
Hemdan 1 character1
Hen 1 character1
Henadad 1 character1
Heresh 1 character1
Hermasm1 character1
Hermogenesm1 character1
Herodiasf1 character1
Herodionm1 character1
Heth 1 character1
Hezion 1 character1
Hezro 1 character1
Hiddai 1 character1
Hiel 1 character1
Hillelm1 character1
Hirah 1 character1
Hizki 1 character1
Hobab 1 character1
Hobaiah 1 character1
Hod 1 character1
Hodesh 1 character1
Hoglah 1 character1
Hoham 1 character1
Hophni 1 character1