Bohemian Kings

This list is comprised of kings of Bohemia (now called Czech Republic). The first king of Bohemia was Ottokar I in 1198.
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Albrecht2 kings2
Ferdinand5 kings5
František2 kings2
Fridrich1 king1
Jan1 king1
Jindřich1 king1
Jiří1 king1
Josef3 kings3
Karel4 kings4
Ladislav1 king1
Leopold2 kings2
Ludvík1 king1
Marie1 queen1
Matyáš2 kings2
Maxmilián1 king1
Ottokar2 kings2
Rudolf2 kings2
Terezie1 queen1
Václav4 kings4
Vladislav1 king1
Zikmund1 king1
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