Characters in Celtic Mythology

This list is comprised of characters from Celtic mythology. This includes Welsh and Irish mythology, as well as Arthurian figures.
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Arianrhodf1 character1
Blodeuweddf1 character1
Branwenf1 character1
Ceridwenf1 character1
Cigfaf1 character1
Creiddyladf1 character1
Dônf1 character1
Eigyrf1 character1
Elenf1 character1
Modronf1 character1
Olwenf1 character1
Penarddunf1 character1
Rhiannonf1 character1
Aeronm1 character1
Afallachm1 character1
Amaethonm1 character1
Arawnm1 character1
Arthurm1 character1
Bedwyrm1 character1
Belim1 character1
Mawrm1 character1
Caim1 character1
Culhwchm1 character1
Dylanm1 character1
Efnysienm1 character1
Euroswyddm1 character1
Gofannonm1 character1
Gwalchmeim1 character1
Gwydionm1 character1
Hafganm1 character1
Kaym1 character1
Gyffesm1 character1
Llawm1 character1
Lleum1 character1
Llŷrm1 character1
Lluddm1 character1
Mabonm1 character1
Manawydanm1 character1
Mathm1 character1
Myrddinm1 character1
Wylltm1 character1
Nisienm1 character1
Peredurm1 character1
Pryderim1 character1
Pwyllm1 character1
Taliesinm1 character1
Tegidm1 character1
Ysbaddadenm1 character1
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