Emmy Award Winners

The Emmy Awards have been given out annually by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences since 1949. They are only awarded for American television programming. Included in this list are the winners of the Lead Actors and Lead Actresses categories. Some winners for Directing may also be included.
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Barbara4 actresses4
James4 actors4
Robert4 actors4
Alan3 actors3
Ed3 actors3
Jack3 actors3
Michael2 actors, 1 actress3
Patricia3 actresses3
Richard3 actors3
Debra2 actresses2
Helen2 actresses2
Jane2 actresses2
Jean2 actresses2
John2 actors2
Jon2 actors2
Shirley2 actresses2
Tom2 actors2
Tony2 actors2
William2 actors2
Alec1 actor1
Allison1 actress1
America1 actress1
Andre1 actor1
Bea1 actress1
Betty1 actress1
Bill1 actor1
Bruce1 actor1
Bryan1 actor1
Burt1 actor1
Candice1 actress1
Carl1 actor1
Carol1 actress1
Carroll1 actor1
Cathryn1 actress1
Chad1 actor1
Christine1 actress1
Christopher1 actor1
Claire1 actress1
Craig1 actor1
Damian1 actor1
Dana1 actress1
Daniel1 actor1
Danny1 actor1
Dennis1 actor1
Dick1 actor1
Don1 actor1
Donald1 actor1
E1 actor1
Earl1 actor1
Edie1 actress1
Eric1 actor1
Eve1 actress1
Felicity1 actress1
Gertrude1 actress1
Gillian1 actress1
Glenda1 actress1
Glenn1 actress1
Hal1 actor1
Hope1 actress1
Imogene1 actress1
Isabel1 actress1
Jeff1 actor1
Jeffrey1 actor1
Jennifer1 actress1
Jessica1 actress1
Jim1 actor1
Jimmy1 actor1
Judd1 actor1
Judi1 actress1
Julia1 actress1
Julianna1 actress1
Kathy1 actress1
Kelsey1 actor1
Kiefer1 actor1
Kirstie1 actress1
Kyle1 actor1
Kyra1 actress1
Lindsay1 actress1
Loretta1 actress1
Lucille1 actress1
Mandy1 actor1
Marg1 actress1
Mariette1 actress1
Mariska1 actress1
Mary1 actress1
Melissa1 actress1
Milton1 actor1
Nanette1 actress1
Peter1 actor1
Phil1 actor1
Polly1 actress1
Powers1 actor1
Ray1 actor1
Raymond1 actor1
Red1 actor1
Ricky1 actor1
Ron1 actor1
Roseanne1 actress1
Ruby1 actress1
Rue1 actress1
Ruth1 actress1
Sada1 actress1
Sally1 actress1
Sarah1 actress1
Sela1 actress1
Sharon1 actress1
Shelley1 actress1
Shohreh1 actress1
Sid1 actor1
Susan1 actress1
Tammy1 actress1
Ted1 actor1
Telly1 actor1
Thomas1 actor1
Tina1 actress1
Toni1 actress1
Tyler1 actress1
Tyne1 actress1
Valerie1 actress1
Viola1 actress1
Željko1 actor1
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