English and British Kings and Queens Alphabetically (Grouped by Name)


Æðelbald1 king
Æðelbert1 king
Æðelred2 kings
Æthelric1 king
Æðelstan1 king
Æthelweard1 king
Æðelwulf1 king
Alfred1 king
Anne1 queen
Beorhtric1 king
Canute1 king
Charles2 kings
Eadred1 king
Eadwig1 king
Edgar1 king
Edmund2 kings
Edward11 kings
Egbert1 king
Elizabeth2 queens
George6 kings
Harold2 kings
Harthacnut1 king
Henry8 kings
James2 kings
Jane1 queen
John1 king
Mary2 queens
Oliver1 protector
Richard3 kings, 1 protector
Stephen1 king
Sven1 king
Victoria1 queen
William4 kings