Notable Explorers and Adventurers

This list is comprised of some of history's most recognizable explorers and adventurers.
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Abel1 explorer1
Adolf1 explorer1
Afonso1 explorer1
Alan1 explorer1
Aleksey1 explorer1
Alexander2 explorers2
Alexandra1 explorer1
Amelia1 explorer1
Amerigo1 explorer1
Andrés1 explorer1
Antoine1 explorer1
Antonio1 explorer1
Augustus1 explorer1
Aurel1 explorer1
Bartolomeu1 explorer1
Bill1 explorer1
Cândido1 explorer1
Charles2 explorers2
Clark1 explorer1
Cornelis1 explorer1
Cristoforo1 explorer1
David1 explorer1
Davy1 explorer1
Diego1 explorer1
Douglas1 explorer1
Edmund1 explorer1
Edward1 explorer1
Edwin1 explorer1
Erik2 explorers2
Ernest1 explorer1
Evliya1 explorer1
Falcon1 explorer1
Ferdinand2 explorers2
Fernão1 explorer1
Francis3 explorers3
Francisco4 explorers4
François1 explorer1
Frederick1 explorer1
Fridtjof1 explorer1
George3 explorers3
Giovanni3 explorers3
Grant1 explorer1
Hamilton1 explorer1
Hanning1 explorer1
Hanno1 explorer1
He1 explorer1
Hendrick1 explorer1
Henry3 explorers3
Hernán1 explorer1
Hernando1 explorer1
Ignacije1 explorer1
Ingólfur1 explorer1
Jacques2 explorers2
James4 explorers4
Jean1 explorer1
John8 explorers8
Juan2 explorers2
Leif1 explorer1
Lloyd1 explorer1
Louis2 explorers2
Marco1 explorer1
Matthew1 explorer1
McDouall1 explorer1
Meriwether1 explorer1
Miguel1 explorer1
Morton1 explorer1
Muhammad1 explorer1
Mungo1 explorer1
Neil1 explorer1
Niccolò1 explorer1
Pedro3 explorers3
Pêro1 explorer1
Peter2 explorers2
Pierre1 explorer1
Pytheas1 explorer1
Qian1 explorer1
Reinhold1 explorer1
René1 explorer1
Richard2 explorers2
Roald1 explorer1
Robert4 explorers4
Ruy1 explorer1
Samuel2 explorers2
Sebastián1 explorer1
Semyon1 explorer1
Skene1 explorer1
Sven1 explorer1
Tenzing1 explorer1
Teoberto1 explorer1
Thomas1 explorer1
Thor1 explorer1
Valentina1 explorer1
Vasco2 explorers2
Vitus1 explorer1
Walter1 explorer1
Wesley1 explorer1
Willem2 explorers2
William6 explorers6
Xuanzang1 explorer1
Yermak1 explorer1
Yuriy1 explorer1
Zebulon1 explorer1
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